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Crypto website bitcoin-gear.com launches new bitcoin affiliate program

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Website bitcoin-gear.com, the biggest bitcoin merchandise website on the web, has recently announced the launch of its new bitcoin affiliate program.

The bitcoin affiliate program offers a 10% commission, calculated on the total order value, whenever a referral makes a purchase.

“A lot of crypto content creators are bringing value to the crypto space when sharing their knowledge and information with the community, through their social media platforms (Youtube, Instagram, websites, blogs, etc.). We noticed that it can sometimes be difficult for crypto content creators to receive adequate compensation for the value they bring to the crypto community. Hence, we saw an opportunity to provide crypto content creators with an additional way to monetize their contributions. Our affiliate program is the perfect way to achieve this.”, according to the founder and CEO of bitcoin-gear.com.

You can register for the bitcoin affiliate program completely for free by clicking here.

More information about the bitcoin-gear.com bitcoin affiliate program can be found on the FAQ page of their website.

Bitcoin-gear.com is a one stop shop for crypto fans. The niche website features a broad range of crypto related products, including Trezor hardware wallets for safeguarding your cryptocurrency, the Cryptosteel for protecting crypto seed keys, as well as crypto related merchandise, such bitcoin t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, wallet phone cases, keychains, lapel pins, show lights, counter displays and much more.