22 Mar 2022 · 5 min read

Crypto Signals Telegram Groups or Channels What’s the difference?

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Crypto signals show people the best ways to navigate the market whether on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis. It all depends on the authority in charge of dishing out these signals. In recent years, the choice between Telegram and Whatsapp for Crypto signals has been evident. Choosing between these two social media platforms boils down to convenience and relativity. Some people will opt for Whatsapp because they prefer the interface, others might like Telegram because of the large number of participants that it can accommodate. However, for Crypto signals, many more companies have used telegrams to talk about their ICO and offer great crypto signals to their members to get ahead in the Crypto market. Now, there are Telegram groups and channels that are dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute information on the best moves to make to gain profit in the volatile Crypto market.

Telegram Groups like ICO Speaks and channels like IEO Pools are classic examples of some of the best Crypto Telegram platforms that we have today. But before you choose which option is best suited for your business model, it is important that you understand what both platforms are. This is because as similar as the Telegram group and channel can be, they both have their peculiarities that will definitely help your goals. 

So, let us look at what each platform is.

What is a Telegram Crypto Group?

A Telegram group is a platform that allows people to interact with each other, comment on posts, and send messages privately to one another. With a Telegram Group, you get to have an admin or the creator of the group, plus, you can also see each person’s availability, that is the last time they were online.

The participants in the group are called members and they have the ability to communicate with each other whether in the group or privately. Telegram Groups also have a feature where a member can tag another member to a particular post on the group, by simply typing @ followed by the person’s name. A Telegram group supports the use of Hashtags, mentions which we just talked about, and replies. So, you can reply to a person’s comment directly.

A telegram group can have up to 200,000 members.

What is a Telegram Crypto Channel? 

A Telegram channel is more or less like a broadcast platform where admins are the only ones that can send messages on the group.

The participants of a telegram channel are subscribers so the only thing they can do is to get information. There is no room to connect to other subscribers but the intent of this platform is purely for information dissemination. A telegram channel can accommodate an unlimited number of subscribers.

How do you determine the best platform to use for Crypto Signals?

Number of Participants

The number of participants will determine whether you will choose a telegram group or a channel. Both Group and Channel can accommodate a large number of participants because the Channel has an unlimited number of participants that it can take. So, you can also look at that option. Also, if you are looking to join a Crypto signals platform, the number of participants can be something you can look at. If you would not like too many people then a telegram Group would suit you best. 


For people looking to create a crypto signals platform and are big on privacy, using a telegram channel will be the best option for them. This is because, with a telegram channel, people will not see your name when you post a message, all they will see is the name of the channel. A telegram channel is more private than a group since participants cannot see each other. The subscribers do not even know when another person has joined a channel, unlike a group where you receive a notification. So, if you are looking to remain anonymous and still get Crypto signals without interacting with anyone then a Crypto channel is great for you.

On the other hand, some people prefer a crypto signals telegram group because of the interaction, comments, and mentions that the platform accommodates. With these comments, they can see what people are thinking, ask questions to gain useful insights into the Crypto market.

View Counter

Crypto signal channels have the view counter feature where admins and even subscribers can see the number of people that have viewed the message. On the Crypto Signal telegram groups, you cannot tell who has seen the message unless another member replies to it.

Silent Messages

One peculiar feature that the telegram channel has is the ability to send silent messages to the subscribers on the channel. This will be great when sending late-night messages or information that are not as important.

What is your choice?

Both Telegram channels and groups have amazing features that ensure crypto signals are well communicated to the subscribers and members. But choosing one over the other has to be based on your preference. With the Telegram Group, you get a lot of notifications because many people would be sending messages whether responding to what someone said or having general banter. But on the other hand, you get to connect with people and expand your reach in the Crypto market. Who knows, you can even start trading with people from a Crypto signals group and grow together.

On the other hand, A telegram channel is more subtle, you don't get as many notifications, and is just straightforward. You are well protected from unsolicited private messages from any other subscriber, and you enjoy the perks of getting first-hand information from credible Crypto giants. 


It is evident that both of them have great perks, but you have to weigh your options, which platform best suits your agenda whether as a Crypto company or as a trader. There is also a caveat, depending on what platform you choose, as a crypto company or someone offering an ICO, you can change the platform. 

This means if you originally started with a Crypto signals telegram group, you can change it to a channel and vice versa.  You can also link your group to a channel such that anything you publish on the channel will automatically show in the group. Therefore, you can create a hybrid of options by combining both the perks of a group and a channel or opting for one or the other. 

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