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Crypto Meets Real Estate: Buy Property in Seconds on Metropoly’s NFT Marketplace

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source: Metropoly

The Metropoly presale has now raised over $475,000, a figure representing 95% of the minimum goal the decentralized real estate marketplace has set for the eighth stage of its offering. This means the price of its METRO token is due to rise very soon, giving investors a limited window of opportunity if they wish to acquire the new cryptocurrency at a bigger discount.

Regardless of which price individuals buy METRO, Metropoly is shaping up to be one of the most exciting new platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem this year. Having already launched in beta at the end of 2022, it enables users to purchase real estate — and even fractional real estate — as non-fungible tokens.  

Crypto Meets Real Estate: Buy Property in Seconds on Metropoly’s NFT Marketplace

Metropoly bills itself as the first NFT marketplace enabling users to invest in income-generating properties without the involvement of banks, hidden fees, or geographic limits. As such, it’s targeting anyone who wants to invest in real estate, generate passive income, and/or diversify their investment portfolio.

Given that it’s an NFT marketplace for real estate, buying real estate through Metropoly means that users acquire a non-fungible token backed by real-world property, or fractions of real-world property. In other words, this opens up the real estate market to a much wider pool of potential investors, since the minimum investment available to users is as low as $100.

This premise has sufficed to attract a growing number of early investors in Metropoly’s presale. Indeed, the latter has gone from having raised $100,000 within its first 24 hours to just over $475,000 as of writing. 

At the moment, 1 METRO token can be purchased for $0.05, although this price will rise in the next few days, once the sale has passed $500,000. Investors can participate by going to the official Metropoly website and connecting their Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallets.

In terms of tokenomics, 30% of METRO’s total maximum supply of one billion has been allocated to the sale, with the rest going to a mix of platform rewards, liquidity, the Metropoly team, and its community reserve.

Source: Metropoly

Within the Metropoly platform, METRO has various uses. Primarily, it will be used as a means of payment and reward, with investors using METRO to buy real estate, and with monthly rental income (which will come from owned real estate) being paid out in the token.

And speaking of buying real estate, what’s most exciting about Metropoly is that it promises to speed up the whole process of acquiring property. That’s because it usually takes around 60 days to complete the purchase of the real estate, whereas with Metropoly, it takes around 20 seconds.

Along with the minimum purchase value of $100, such speed is likely to open up the real estate market to large swathes of people who would otherwise be locked out of it.

Once they’ve purchased real estate on Metropoly, users receive NFTs representing their new property. They also receive monthly rental income, while they can also benefit from value appreciation when they sell their property at a later date.

That is the basic essence of Metropoly, which has recently released the second version of its platform’s beta. It’s due to begin adding its first properties very soon, while it will introduce numerous other features — including lending and GameFi elements — over the course of the year.

Source: Metropoly

Take together, Metropoly has all the ingredients to become an innovative and popular platform. Its offering a source of passive income and the ability to own fractional real estate should open it up to a wide user base, while also ultimately making METRO a highly sought-after and valuable cryptocurrency.

Presale Gains

Speaking of which, once the Metropoly sale ends, investors can expect METRO to list on a variety of exchanges. As 2022 taught us, this is likely to mean that the altcoin will enjoy significant price increases, especially if it is listed by a high-profile trading platform.

For example, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by as much as 1,800% compared to its initial presale price when it listed on OKX in October. While there can be no guarantee that something similar will happen to METRO, it has the fundamentals and the utility to become a very profitable coin in the long term, if not in the short term.

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