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Crypto Experts are Saying This New Project is Better than STEPN and Sweatcoin – Here’s Why

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Launched only four days ago, the FightOut (FGHT) presale has now raised over $2 million. This total puts the new move-to-earn platform comfortably on course to reach the $5 million target for the first stage of its presale, at which point FGHT’s sale price will rise by 50%.

Running on Ethereum, FightOut’s innovative Web3 app will reward users for participating in workouts and leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s due to launch in Q2 2023, around the same time that its native FGHT token will list on exchanges, providing early investors with the opportunity to book some market-beating profits.

Crypto Experts are Saying This New Project is Better than STEPN and Sweatcoin – Here’s Why

Given the $2 million so far, FightOut’s presale has raised an average of $500,000 per day since launch. This implies another six days or so until it reaches its interim target of $5 million, which will see its up to 50% bonus ending.

The presale has been allocated 60% of FGHT’s total maximum supply, which will be capped at 10 billion. The remaining 40% will go to exchange liquidity (10%) and rewards and development (30%).

Investors can participate in the sale by visiting FightOut’s website and connecting their WalletConnect or MetaMask wallets with FGHT, purchasable using either USDT or ETH. 

With the presale currently offering bonuses of up to 50% for purchases, this may help to explain why it has managed to gather steam so quickly.

Also explaining the presale’s early success are FightOut’s fundamentals. To an extent, these put it in the same move-to-earn bracket as platforms such as Sweatcoin and STEPN, yet FightOut promises to reward its users for participating in a much wider range of activities and workouts.

When launched next year, it will feature on-demand workout classes and live sessions, which can be attended in-app or at local FightOut gyms, with workouts including weight training, mobility, yoga, meditation, boxing, and many more. 

Rewards will be distributed in the form of FightOut’s second native token, REP, which can be used to buy in-game items and remote workouts with trainers. And given that FightOut will use a subscription-based model, it (and FGHT) can also be used to pay subscription fees, giving both tokens a very strong use case that will grow in parallel with the platform.

FightOut will also provide technique-focused courses, beginning with its boxing course (but later expanding to other sports and activities). This will involve an in-app video series in which elite-level coaches run structured programs teaching users boxing fundamentals, while at the end, users will attend ‘grading’ sessions at FightOut or affiliate gyms.

On top of this, FightOut also boasts a distinct social network element, enabling users to post their latest workouts and results, share news, follow each other, and post status updates. Such features will motivate users to continue with whichever workout regimes they begin.


Other features will include its own branded gyms, staking, limited edition NFTs, NFT-based user avatars, player-versus-player contests, and (eventually) its own metaverse. Together, these reveal some serious ambition and show why FightOut’s team is confident the platform can overtake its rivals.

Presale Gains

Despite opening an account as recently as October, FightOut already has over 29,000 followers on Twitter. Combined with the momentum of its presale, this shows that the market has already taken to its model and roadmap in a big way.

It also implies that FGHT could enjoy sizeable gains once it lists on exchanges in the New Year. This suspicion is also supported by the fact that other promising altcoins have enjoyed big returns following presales this year, with Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessing returns as high as 6,000% and 3000% during the summer, compared to initial presale prices of $0.00015

FightOut arguably has fundamentals at least as strong as the two platforms above, meaning that it, too, could see its early investors rewarded with above-average gains when its FGHT token lists. 

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