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Crypto Experts are Accumulating These Coins Before the Bull Market Returns – Find Out Why

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 2 min read

Despite BTC’s value dropping 75% from its November 2021 record high, investors have not abandoned cryptocurrencies, as today’s market rally demonstrates.

With more signs of mainstream adoption and with broader risk asset markets remaining volatile despite signs of slowing inflation, investing in digital assets may be a good idea to diversify your portfolio in preparation for the next crypto bull market. The good news is, prices of many cryptos are still significantly down from their all-time highs, and experts are beginning to accumulate many cryptos on the cheap.

A key way to get in on crypto investments before their prices skyrocket is to buy into the presales of projects with strong fundamentals, including proven teams, interest from experts and investors, and real use cases for their tokens.

Some options to consider buying into on the ground floor in preparation for the next bull cycle that meet these criteria include D2T, TARO, and RIA.

Top Altcoins to Buy for Next Crypto Bull Market

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Presale Enters Final Stage

Dash 2 Trade is a social trading platform that plans to make it easier for newcomers to get involved in the cryptocurrency market and succeed, even when the market is struggling. With features such as signals for profitable trades, sentiment tools, and blockchain analysis indicators, Dash 2 Trade will help investors find success whether the next bull market manifests soon, or the bear market continues to drag on.

The app will provide users with a presale token scoring system to help them evaluate possible investments, an alert system for new listings, and strategy backtesting tools. The features aim to help cryptocurrency traders make more informed decisions and avoid scams such as FTX.

Complete access to the Dash 2 Trade platform is only possible by using D2T tokens. Fees related to usage and subscriptions must be paid with the token. The project’s pre-sale has raised nearly $9.7 million dollars so far, with over 73% of tokens sold.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Now

Calvaria (RIA) – Presale in Final Stage Now

Calvaria is a game that allows players to collect, trade, and battle with NFT-based cards in an afterlife-themed world. Calvaria will also have a free-to-play version that enables users to play without holding any cryptocurrency, which makes it more accessible for beginners. By not excluding those unfamiliar with crypto, Calvaria has the potential to be more popular than other blockchain games.

The RIA token can be used for various in-game purposes and also staked for passive income, giving users a reason to hang onto the token. So far, the presale has generated $2.42 million USDT in sales and is currently 79% through Stage 5, its final stage before the presale ends.

Visit Calvaria Now

RobotEra (TARO)

Not only does RobotEra plan to provide users with higher quality graphics than Decentraland and The Sandbox, but the cryptocurrency metaverse project also promises more captivating gameplay mechanics and earning potential. 

RobotEra will feature several ways that players can earn rewards as they explore and rebuild the destroyed planet of Taro, along with player-versus-player games. In a bear market where investors are looking for assets with higher yields, this positioning will make the game more popular and quite possibly set it up well for the next bull run.

RobotEra’s presale of TARO tokens has raised nearly $540k so far in its first stage. During stage 2 of the presale, the price per token will increase from $0.020 to $0.025.

Visit RobotEra Now