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Crypto.com NFT Drops: Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, Boy George and Many More

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Crypto.com NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the crypto world by storm. Crypto.com has recently launched its NFT marketplace in partnership with big names such as Snoop Dogg, Boy George, Lionel Richie and many other famous artists. They have already done three drops so far: BossLogic, Aston Martin Cognizant F1, and Jon Monaghan x Nathan Evans. All of them sold out in record time. Additionally, users who sign up for the NFT marketplace by March 31st will get an NFT with a Hal Finney quote and the Crypto.org Chain Genesis hash combined into one as a welcome gift. Sign up for an account and earn free NFT now!

What Were the First Few Drops

Although many different NFTs are coming to the Crypto.com marketplace, the first drops are especially interesting for everyone following the hype.

Famous digital artist BossLogic, who’s stunning art has even influenced movie and TV producers’ decisions on who to cast, is behind the first drop. The collection is called Greater Heights and features three tokens of 200 editions each. Described as “reflections on to the year that’s past, and the road ahead,” with digital landscapes both “provocative & inspiring”, the drop was supposed to be available for 24 hours—but it sold out in six.

The second drop featured five prestigious Aston Martin NFTs. All revolving around their Formula 1 team, different NFTs had a different number of editions. This means that two artworks showing the pit-stop from different perspectives were available in 500 editions, while the first runs of Vettel and Lance were available in 250 editions, and the unveiling of their new Formula 1 vehicle, the AMR21, was only there in 61 editions. All of them sold out within 24 hours.

What Coming Up Next

Scared of missing the hype train with new drops? There’s no reason to be, as long as you follow Crypto.com social media, or even subscribe to their newsletter, as those are the best ways to find out what’s launching next.

Fans of OG rap, rejoice: the next upcoming exciting drop is by Snoop Dogg, available on April 3 at 4pm PT for 24 hours only. This collection "A Journey with the Dogg" brings together Snoop Dogg’s memories from his early years with art inspired by the NFT movement including an original track “NFT” — an instant classic that is inspired by the movement. A portion of the proceeds will support young, emerging artists in the crypto space as well as Snoop’s Youth Football League. Keep a close eye on the drop event page, so you won’t miss it:

Many other famous names will be joining the fun: Boy George and Lionel Richie for the 80s fans, Axel Mansoor for the social media generation, Nathan Evans, whose sea shanties lightened the quarantine mood of 2020, and many others. All of them have professed their excitement for being part of a technological breakthrough that allows their art to stay digital and therefore more attuned to modern requirements without relinquishing their authorship.

How to Buy NFTs

If one of the upcoming drops has caught your attention, you’re still not too late: you can buy the NFT you’re interested in using a credit/debit card or with Crypto.com Pay. For the latter, you’ll need either the Crypto.com app or an ERC20 token-compatible wallet. There is a queue system that ensures stable performance: 15 minutes before the start of the drop you’re taken to the queue and will enter the event on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment goes either through the fixed price listed by the seller or an auction model, where the highest bidder takes the item.

If you’ve missed a drop you were interested in, you still have a chance to purchase it on the secondary market when an owner decides to resell, so keep your eyes open! To make sure you don’t miss any news, be sure to subscribe to the Crypto.com newsletter and good luck!

What Are NFTs?

You have most likely already heard about NFTs in one form or another—only a few years ago, CryptoKitties were all the rage, but now that space is teeming with new projects, each more interesting than the last. Non-fungible means that the tokens cannot be interchanged for one another, as each of them is unique (by contrast, look at cash: each bill can be exchanged for another of the same value without any problems, making them fungible). Traditionally, everything digital was easily copied so its value rarely resided in its originality—but with blockchain to vouch for the uniqueness of each token, digital assets can become valuable for their scarcity.

In other words, while nothing is stopping people from copying the artwork featured on your NFT, you have a document, like a certificate of originality as a proof, like an autographed print (and the one autographed by hand, not the one with the printed autograph!).

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