08 Sep 2021 · 2 min read

Crypto-based Financial Betting Platform FinBet Opens for Users

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Simple, intuitive, and fun, the platform launched on the 18th of August 2021, entering a new and rapidly growing market of financial betting. With over 30 assets spanning across a variety of domains, FinBet provides players with a wide range of choices to bet on. It is the perfect product for novice and experienced players who want to bet on fluctuations in the financial and crypto worlds.

FinBet allows users to place bets on changes in the price of a particular asset against fixed odds – players can predict the behaviour of an asset (increase or decrease in price) in a chosen time frame. FinBet is the first of its kind, licensed, in-house developed platform that runs on cryptocurrency, available both on web and mobile versions.

The platform allows players to bet on a range of assets from FIAT, indices, commodities, stocks to cryptocurrencies. This makes it attractive to clientele from the financial, gambling, crypto worlds and more. FinBet is not just a financial betting platform but it takes users on a journey towards more intuitive and informed betting. Users can take advantage of tutorials, webinars, and other educational material to make better betting decisions and understand how to use technical analysis indicators or work on charts.

The project also has a native token CFB, the token holders of which are entitled to participation in the success of the project by receiving benefits with the increase of the token value. FinBet aimed at creating a business model that monetises the project and also benefits CFB holders. FinBet uses cryptocurrency primarily to process deposits and withdrawals which means that it is unaffected by the dynamics of cryptocurrency price fluctuations. On the contrary, it provides a platform where users can bet on its volatility.

FinBet’s business model is attractive to people from financial, gambling and crypto backgrounds – it's a new and interesting form of entertainment, for every kind of customer regardless of experience or resources they might have.

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FinBet is an end-to-end project running on a platform that offers a wide range of user facilities. Project combines the best of two of the world's most profitable industries - finance and gambling – while opening them up to the world of cryptocurrencies. Financial betting forms the basis of the project. Due to its simplicity and comprehensibility, FinBet is an inclusive project, requiring no specialist knowledge from its users. More info: fnbet.io.