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CRPTM Makes Filing Crypto Taxes Simple for Just $1 Per Year – 3 Reasons to Sign Up

CRPTM has just made filing taxes as simple and straightforward as they could possibly be – with introductory prices starting at just $1. In addition, CRPTM has created the ultimate crypto tax calculator that helps traders and investors gain real-time insight into their portfolios. 

Users of the platform never have to worry about filing crypto taxes again, as the software has them covered. With easy integration into exchanges and wallets, CRPTM helps investors reach their full potential by removing any tax compliance concerns. 

Furthermore, the software is more than just a tax calculator. Instead, it can also be used as a portfolio tracking tool, allowing traders to understand their trading habits better.

CRPTM is genuinely helping to demystify crypto, and, as mentioned, you can generate your first full crypto tax report for as little as $1. 

Here are three solid reasons why you need to consider using this platform.

1 – Seamless Exchange and Wallet Integration

CRPTM makes calculating and filing your taxes extremely straightforward as it allows you to easily integrate your exchange and private wallets into the platform seamlessly. For exchange wallets, users can simply connect their API keys, so they don’t have to import trades individually manually. So long as the API key is active on the exchange, each of your trades will be automatically logged in your CRPTM portfolio. 

As you would expect, CRPTM allows for the integration of all top-tier exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance US, Kraken, ByBit, and Bitstamp. In total, CRPTM enables users to connect over 35 different exchange accounts. As you make transactions, the software automatically syncs them to your portfolio from any of these exchanges. 

2 – Tax Reporting Made Extremely Easy

The second reason why you should consider using to comply with your tax obligations is that they make tax reporting extremely easy and provide all the tools you might need to customize your reports.

To begin, CRPTM provides a list of pre-filled crypto tax forms to make life simple when it comes to filing taxes. Using the pre-filled crypto tax forms, users can generate tax compliance reports such as 040 Schedule D, 1040 Schedule A, IRS Form 8949, and Schedule 1 with just a click of a button. The software will also automatically fill in the relevant information in the tax report according to the user’s portfolio. 

The software also allows users to maximize their tax savings through various flexible calculation methods that CRPTM uses. Depending on the user’s individual circumstances, they can select between FIFO, LIFO, or HIFO to generate accurate tax reports. 

Furthermore, CRPTM allows users to gain insight into their crypto taxes with detailed analysis. Users can track gains/losses, donations sent, income received, and gifts provided – providing a vital detailed breakdown of each individual of the tax report. 

For example, the Income Report lets users see how much money they earned that was paid to them in crypto. Likewise, the Capital Gains Report provides a glimpse of how much was made or lost in capital gains during that tax year. 

The software also comes with an Audit Trail Report, allowing users to generate a complete record of all the crypto transactions entered into the software. 

Overall, there aren’t many tax calculation platforms that provide as much information and detailed analysis as CRPTM. 

3 – Real-Time Portfolio Tracking on Another Level

The final reason to consider CRPTM as your tax calculator is that it does more than just taxes. Instead, the platform’s real-time portfolio tracking tool can make you a better trader and investor. The portfolio tool lets you see your top assets and understand your portfolio at a glance. 

Connecting all of your exchange accounts and private wallets to the platform enables you to create an all-in-one portfolio tracking dashboard. Through the software, traders can track and monitor their portfolio performance to see where they could improve. It also provides a detailed breakdown of a trader’s asset allocation in case they’ve been over-exposing themselves in one particular sector. 

Additionally, the portfolio tool allows traders to see all the exchanges they use, provides detailed information about every individual trade, and shows a real-time update of the portfolio’s value.

In essence, CRPTM provides traders with detailed analytics that can help them make more informed trading decisions to increase profitability. The great thing about the software is that it supports over 35 different exchanges and 10,000 crypto projects – so it’s unlikely that you’ll be trading a coin that can’t be tracked (unless you’re a severe Degen trader). 

Pocket-Friendly Pricing With Top-Level Security

The best thing about CRPTM is that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The platform comes with a free account that allows up to 500 transactions for tax summary. However, a Starter account also provides up to 5,000 transactions in the tax report – suitable for most crypto traders. The best thing about the Starter account is that it costs just $1 per tax year. 

If you’re taking your trading to the next level, you will need the Standard account, which costs $99 per year and allows unlimited transactions. 

In addition to the friendly pricing, CRPTM also provides 24/7 support for its customers. It also takes security extremely seriously and provides end-to-end security and encryption, so you can be sure your data is safe.

Overall, CRPTM has created an ultimate tax calculation software that serves as one of the best crypto portfolio trackers – providing you with two top-tier products in one dashboard. So if you’re about to file your crypto taxes for the Year, look no further than CRPTM. 


Vandana Kamal
Product Head
Email: [email protected]



Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.