21 Dec 2021 · 4 min read

Could Altbase be the Next Crypto App of Choice?

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

A new altcoin exchange competitor - Altbase - has recently announced their DeFi mobile app will be receiving a new and improved build at the start of 2022. The new app comes with a variety of charting and tracking features for a range of listed tokens among the new re-designed UI.

The migration from 100xCoin to Altbase was executed on the Binance Smart Chain just over a month ago, and has become established with a market cap of USD 7.1 million at time of writing. The project has a vision of becoming the top exchange specializing in altcoin listings, with its original app being amended by the development of the new build centered around all interactions with the $ALTB cryptocurrency. The app is being touted as competition to Coinbase through it’s clean UI and user flow. 

Gate.io Startup Proposition For Altbase Token

Along with the improved app functionality and utility, the token itself ($ALTB) will undergo a startup campaign and marketing arrangement in collaboration with Gate.io. The startup event is seen to be an “exchange listing on steroids” utilising both the huge user base at the disposal of Gate, and their renowned airdrop campaign. Over 19 million Altbase tokens are available for airdrop in line with the startup promotion, with the event itself due to commence on the 23rd at 6AM UTC, with full listing going live the day later on the 24th.

A Hub for Altcoin Exchanging

The new mobile app will be released on both IOS and Android devices, as it was before, and will require users to complete a verification process to begin trading. As the app aims to be true to its altcoin nature, many listings will be added to their current offering, and will be paired with the native token. Trading on the platform can be executed in the accepted countries, which are shown by the drop-down menu when providing a valid phone number for authentication. 

The app features an easy-to-use interface, with its original white and blue colours, and the addition of lighting mode customization for dark, light or personal modes. The charting features a tracking system for past transactions sent and received from the wallet, as well as price movement for all listed coins, including the prominent $BTC, $ETH, $SOL, and $BNB. Contacts can also be adjusted of any added wallets on a user’s account, like name and emails respectively.

Users will be able to use their credit and debit cards to deposit funds in exchange for the $ALTB token, creating an opportunity for easier access to a range of altcoins offered on the app. Direct purchasing between fiat-money and crypto presents the potential for $ALTB to be adopted across different token pairings, and in-turn widely available. 

Weekly Updates from CEO Ken Llamas

Ken Llamas, the CEO of Altbase, has recently returned to social media with a long-awaited update video detailing previous development and internal structuring improvements that had been going on for the past few weeks. The video opens with the transitioning of the token from meme coins status to a serious innovative scope, to suit the enterprise-level app build they aim to release very soon, as well as the restructuring of the team now comprising 5 back-end developers and 2 UI designers. 

Further on, the absence of Ken from social media was due to recent FUD surrounding the tokens volatility, which had radiated onto the team. The process of restructuring took time but evidently gave the team a proper re-focus on development, for the proposition to get into full-swing mode again. The proposition is composed by the nearing new app build and the upcoming NFT marketplace, opening the door for exclusive digital art selling, and buying for creators and investors alike.

Ken concludes the update with an announcement regarding his solution to previous spontaneous videos and absences with a weekly update proposal; every week a video detailing progress in the last week will be uploaded to keep the community regularly informed. The current app operates with over 30,000 users that are prepped for the migration to the new build, which will also provide future offers in place for any $ALTB and Junkie Cat NFT holders.

Forwarding the Proposition to the Masses

Altbase are prepared with marketing efforts lined up to push the new mobile build to the crypto space, especially across altcoins. A buyback strategy is in place to be manually executed at appropriate times, as we’ve seen with the most recent buyback last week. The buy sparked the return of Ken, updated progress, and management restructuring, which was followed by a string of holder purchases pushing the market cap to USD 15 million, and correcting to USD 7 million. This is the first for many to come from the team in a stealth buyback scheme, to prevent the possibility of front running and keeping investors on their toes.

An NFT marketplace will be joining the DEX in the future, allowing users to purchase exclusive NFTs, with Altbase creator partners. The app has been in development for the past few weeks, as it is top-priority among new releases, and is moments from going live. Altbase have specialized marketing strategies to back the launch, including Crypto SEO, and Content Releases, provided by Coinpresso - the leading crypto marketing agency - who will be supporting Altbase’s visioned rise to prominence. 

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