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Converging NFTs & Music Streaming with Vibin’ Ape Society

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Aiming to reach the forefront of NFT innovation, Vibin’ Ape Society is a cutting-edge collection aiming to converge the blockchain realms and music streaming via the decentralized application Vibed.

What is ahead for the Vibin’ Ape Society?

Although the Vibin’ Ape Society is still in its early phases, it plans to alter how people see NFTs fundamentally. The introduction of the NFT collection, set in Q3 2022, will precede the release of some of the most useful products now available in the sector. As a result, holders can take advantage of ongoing benefits for a considerable amount of time.

Vibed is the first application that financially compensates users for streaming music. Hence, a user will accumulate points with each broadcast they make, and these points may be exchanged for $VBD tokens at any time the user so desires.

Even though the Vibed streaming app is similar to Spotify, it is far better. Vibed would pay you to stream music on their website. This eliminates the need to pay a monthly charge to use the service. To do this, it will reward you with points for each piece of music that you broadcast. These points may later be exchanged for $VBD crypto tokens.

Besides receiving more tokens per stream, holders of VAS will also be entitled to dividends, which will be distributed every quarter to the crypto wallets that store their NFTs. These dividends are issued according to the rank of the NFT held by a wallet and are taken from the earnings generated by the Vibed streaming app. Two weeks before the distribution of the dividends, snapshots of the wallets that are holding the NFTs will be taken. $VBD – Discover the core unit of the NFT collection

As a pivotal moment in the evolution of the NFT project, the inaugural distribution of $VBD crypto tokens will take the form of an airdrop to holders of Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs. This places them at the forefront of a limited quantity of tokens that will be accessible on both major and small controlled and decentralized exchanges. These tokens will be traded for cryptocurrencies. After this, the only option to earn $VBD will be to play music and podcasts via the Vibed streaming platform.

Half of the royalties made from trading VAS NFTs will be put toward a quarterly repurchase and burn to bring the total quantity of $VBD tokens on the market down to a more manageable level. This guarantees a deflationary mechanism, which assists in keeping the value of $VBD tokens at a very high level.

In the future, several centralized and decentralized exchanges will offer $VBD to increase user access to the native token. Users who have already minted the Vibin’ Ape Society NFT and linked their wallets to the Vibed app are also eligible for further advantages. Moreover, 50% of the royalties generated from the trading of VAS NFTs will be repurchased and destroyed every three months to reduce the market supply of $VBD tokens. This ensures a

deflationary mechanism, which allows the value of $VBD coins to stay stable.

Are you ready to vibe with the Apes? Then join them in this quest and check out their digital media channels:

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