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Cogwise Presale Hits $800K – Next AI Coin to Explode?

cogwise homepage

Cogwise ($COGW) is a new cryptocurrency presale empowering users to make better trading decisions – it is currently undergoing an immensely successful presale after raising $800,000 so far.

Traders can buy $COGW for $0.03 but must hurry because of a limited presale supply. Its exchange launch will go live at $0.065, presenting more than a 2x ROI for those who buy today.

Keep up to date on the project’s latest developments by following Cogwise on Twitter or joining the Cogwise Telegram.

Become an Early Investor in a Revolutionary AI Project

Cogwise’s presale success can be attributed to its cutting-edge use case and the allure of buying in early for maximum upside potential.

The project has four primary AI-powered mechanisms – CogwiseAI Core, Real-time Trading, Smart Alerts, and Smart Contract Generator.

cogwise presale developing team

CogwiseAI Core is the project’s landmark generative AI model that produces text-based replies to users’ prompts. Users can leverage the model to quickly retrieve data to assist with trading.

Real-Time Trading is its AI-powered trading bot that will automatically execute trades based on a set of predetermined rules. This tool has already gone live, and a recent tweet shows that it is averaging 16.8% weekly returns.

Meanwhile, Smart Alerts is an automated tool that will analyze datasets to update users about potentially profitable on-chain events. For instance, it could notify users when a large wallet makes a transaction.

Lastly, its Smart Contract Generator will enable users to generate smart contracts without coding experience – instead, they simply describe the key features they want.

While this use case is fascinating, the most crucial factor is execution and whether the team has the skills to carry it out. Luckily for Cogwise, it features a ferociously experienced team.

Cogwise’s “Vanguard” Team and Roadmap

In line with its sophisticated use case, Cogwise’s team boasts a broad range of expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

The team is fully doxxed, with its information on the Cogwise website. Its core members are well-versed across the blockchain, finance, and technology sectors, with its CEO and Founder holding a lifetime of experience working at prominent software companies before a transformative experience with blockchain.

Its well-established team undoubtedly hints at long-term potential, furthered by its carefully designed roadmap.

The team plans many impressive developments, like integrating a learning platform, staking utility, AI integration in the project’s wallet, and pitching to Big Tech companies.

Moving to 2024, the roadmap targets industry events, app development, its chatbot alpha version release, and added token utility through governance voting.

Cogwise Presale & Tokenomics Review

Cogwise’s stage one presale sold out in just over one month, and it has now entered stage two – the team has targetted a $15.3 million presale hard cap, after which it will launch on exchanges.

As mentioned, its current price is $0.03, with its exchange listing price set at $0.065. Yet, what’s more exciting is that users can compound their investment through its staking mechanism.

cogwise presale tokenomics

Besides staking, $CGW holds several other utilities, likely contributing to strong demand. Some of these utilities include being required to pay for Cogwise’s AI tools, liquidity providing, free rewards, and governance.

Moreover, Cogwise boasts a burn mechanism that destroys 35% of the platform’s revenue. This helps correlate the success of Cogwise with the token’s price and will induce significant scarcity by diminishing the token’s circulating supply.

40% of $CGW tokens are available in the presale, with 10% allocated to the team, 12% to CEX and DEX listings, 15% to development, 3% to company researchers, 7% to marketing, 9% to staking and 4% to community rewards and airdrops.

This token allocation places a significant emphasis on growth and ecosystem expansion, increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

Additionally, the $15.3 million hard cap for its presale puts its FDV at $38.25 million. Given its positioning at the intersection of AI, crypto, and DeFi, combined with its ambitious roadmap and expert team, this presents significant growth potential – particularly with the next bull run looming.