Cogwise (COGW) Token Presale Passes $1.5 Million In Fundraising

Prateek Arora
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Cogwise (COGW) Token Presale Passes $1.5 Million In Fundraising

AI crypto project Cogwise has surpassed $1.5 million in fundraising, bringing it closer to completing its second stage.

Cogwise is a blockchain AI project that has continued to attract investors since the commencement of COGW’s (Cogwise’s native crypto) presale in August 2023. Removal of the complexities from trading, and smart contract creation through artificial intelligence is the reason behind this project’s success.

Leveraging blockchain and AI, this project adopts the latest technologies to also keep users updated about the volatile crypto industry.

Cogwise Combines AI Fundamentals with the Blockchain Space

The official whitepaper of Cogwise describes it as a unique AI model that provides users with fast and unique information. With its application of the latest algorithms, it aims to keep users updated on the rapid changes in the volatile crypto industry.

Cogwise Presale

Among the host of tools that Cogwise delivers, the following are the most sought-after. They are likely the reasons crypto enthusiasts are coming in droves to invest in its presale.

Cogwise AI Core

At the heart of Cogwise lies the Cogwise AI core. It is a conversational AI-powered assistant designed to execute prompts written in natural language. The range of tasks it can perform is wide and includes smart contract generation, analyzing price charts, and guiding investors to trade.

Real-Time Trading

With a real-time trading assistant, Cogwise simplifies investors’ technical analysis experiences. It removes the guesswork by translating technical indicators precisely as they should be.

Smart Contract Generator

Cogwise’s Smart Contract Generator will allow users to generate smart contracts even without any coding experience. Users only have to input a prompt highlighting their requirements and features for the smart contract, and Cogwise will create one. Not only the generated smart contract will consider vulnerabilities,  but it will also meet the latest guidelines, and the latest Solidity Pragma versions.

Wallet Tracking 

Through its automated trading system, Cogwise delivers a unique utility known as wallet tracking. It is used to monitor large wallet transactions and track a pre-determined wallet. For investors who leverage this utility to track their own wallets, this tool trades on their behalf. With its social trading facilities, this tool copies the trades of other successful traders.

Contract Auditor

Cogwise has made analyzing a smart contract easy with a contract auditor. Users only need to paste the source code of the smart contract, and the auditor will highlight its strengths and weaknesses. It is akin to an NLP system where writing a prompt “audit this smart contract” will do the job.

Virtual Operating System

Developing decentralized applications is made easy with Cogwise’s virtual operating system. Offering a unique combination of EVM compatibility and on-chain AI inference, this tool is suitable for blockchain developers of all levels.

News Aggregation System

Since community sentiments have a large impact on how a crypto asset moves on the price charts, Cogwise has implemented a news aggregator system. It aggregates news related to crypto and other assets from across the internet. It then finds the key terms and uses the information to gauge the community’s sentiment about a particular asset. Based on that information, it predicts an asset’s movements.

Gamification and Reward System

As users leverage Cogwise for their trading and information needs, they will accumulate $COGW. $COGW can be used to access other services and exclusive content available in the ecosystem.

Cogwise’s gamification system has six parts. Long interaction rewards users with 25 COGW, the same as completing a task. Providing feedback and answering a certain set of questions reward users with 30 $COGW, and referring Cogwise to a friend will earn users 35 COGW.

Also, there are seasonal rewards and tiered levels that gamify the Cogwise ecosystem even further, bolstering the engagement factor.

$COGW – The Native Token of the Project

$COGW powers the Cogwise ecosystem. This token acts as a medium of exchange for utilizing the platform staking and farming opportunities.

With staking, users can compound their $COGW tokens by holding them. Cogwise’s farming mechanics will reward users for providing liquidity to the ecosystem.

The token also has deflationary attributes thanks to its burning mechanisms. 35% of every fee or profit generated in the Cogwise ecosystem is burned to limit the supply. The remaining 65% is directed toward making the project better.

Cogwise Raises $1.5 Million as Future Upsides Bolstering its Adoption Rate

The various plus points we have listed have contributed to making this project a success on the presale charts.

As an AI crypto that lets users create their tokens and dApps, Cogwise has upsides that go beyond its value as a presale crypto.

The world’s industries are getting more receptive towards AI and blockchain. Cogwise is a project that puts these concepts together in a comprehensive light. Its “all-in-one” attitude towards providing AI-driven blockchain solutions doesn’t make it a “jack-of-all” trade but a project that encapsulates the best of what AI and blockchain can offer together.

The project’s followers are “super excited” about its progress, stating that the next stage of the presale looks even more promising. Many have lauded the project for its transparency.

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