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CODI Finance Listed $CODI on Raydium

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CODI has successfully scaled its features to meet the needs of its users while also revolutionizing the DeFi industry as a whole.

The platform has given its community the power to vote on new features, partnerships, and integrations by utilizing the DAO governance structure. In essence, users manage the fully decentralized Ecosystem.

Among the updates to the rebranded Ecosystem are:

  • COpad – Premier IDO Launchpad
  • CODIswap- Limit-Order based DEX
  • NFT Marketplace

The first product the CODI ecosystem plans to release is a powerful launchpad DEX built on the fast and scalable Solana Blockchain. The CODI community would be able to invest in the most promising new DeFi projects. At the same time, new DeFi projects will be able to raise funds from passionate CODI investors. CODI’s IDO Launchpad, COpad, recognizes that there are numerous DeFi projects on the market today, but there is a “trust barrier” in determining which DeFi project to invest in.

Many new DeFi projects prey on investors by posing as legitimate and trustworthy projects in order to steal their money. CODI has developed a vetting procedure for DeFi products before they are listed on the launchpad DEX. CODI listing on Raydium in order to incorporate flexibility and provide users with more platforms to get $CODI.

It should be noted that the team held an AMA discussing the project’s roadmap and plans for realizing the Ecosystem’s vision. CODI is also laying the groundwork for its staking feature, which will allow users to earn more passive income by varying the rewards based on the staking tiers. The CODI team listed $CODI on Raydium on February 2nd.

If you are looking for OTC “$CODI” sales, the CODI Finance team is also open to private deals from retail investors and can be reached at [email protected].

If you would like to learn more about this project, visit www.codi.finance

CEO Arvydas Kublickas

email address: [email protected]

Bellow social media channels

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Codi_Finance

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kEw8RkMU

Telegram: https://t.me/codi_finance_community