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Clever DeFi (CLVA) Offers Guaranteed Interest Payment In Every Fortnight

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Clever DeFi (CLVA) Offers Guaranteed Interest Payment In Every Fortnight 101

Clever DeFi is a decentralized platform that is offering users guaranteed interest for holding its native token CLVA. Clever intends to build a crypto ecosystem that ensures that all users are compensated using a system that offers equity and interests over a fixed period of time.

This ensures that users are able to maximize their earnings and benefit from compound interest-earning opportunities.

888 Cycles Challenge

Clever DeFi smart contract is built on the Ethereum network and integrates a unique mechanism called the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism. The DDM is programmed to mint CLVA tokens for 30 days. The minting period is where users can mint CLVA tokens by exchanging their Ether for the token within the Clever smart contracts.
The value of CLVA would increase after regular intervals within the 30 days minting period and users that purchase the tokens early would be able to take advantage of lower fees. At the end of the 30 day minting period, the DDM would stop minting and activate a fixed interest cycle system.

The interest period is programmed to take 888 cycles with each cycles occurring at 14-days interval. The smart contract would stop paying interest to CLVA at the end of the fixed cycle which is expected to last approximately 34.15 years.
This ensures that holders are able to make interests for a long period of time creating an expanded ecosystem for Clever DeFi. Furthermore, the 888 cycle period is automated into the Clever DEFI smart contract and cannot be modified or changed after its initial launch. Also the DDM determines the value of the CLVA tokens and is also responsible for distributing interest payments to CLVA holders.

One of the core features of Clever DeFi is that users are not required to lock their tokens to access interest payments as seen with other DeFi protocols. Token holders can decide to swap or sell their tokens at any time without losing their interests. Clever does not pose lock-ins and penalties for transferring tokens.

Zero Initial Supply

Clever implements a zero supply system where the no tokens are pre-mined or pre-owned by the Clever team. All tokens that would be generated on the Clever smart contract will be produced during the minting stage. This mechanism means that Clever is immune to price manipulation and ensures true transparency within its ecosystem.

Unlike other DeFi platforms where founding teams dump their tokens after launch, Clever uses a different means to reward the development team. 0.1% of CLVA tokens minted every cycle is sent to the Clever team for development purposes and general maintenance of the blockchain.

Clever DeFi is also equipped to deal with the problems of inflation as rewards are reduced after every cycle.

Impressive Interest Percentage

The DeFi sector is filled with investors that are looking for the best opportunities for yield farming. Clever offers some of the best opportunities for holders to reap impressive yield percentages on their portfolios. Investors that mint CLVA and hold their tokens will be able to get up to 307% interest on their stake at the end of the first 12 months.

This increases to 445% in the second month and 600% at the end of the fifth year of holding which is impressive when compared with other yield farming protocols. When looking at the average annual yield earnings over the span of 10 years Clever outperforms popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin by more than 60%.

Clever is set to launch in 2021 with its minting phase scheduled to run for 30 days starting on February 1. Interested investors can partake in the minting phase by registering their names and emails for a prompt that would include the link to the minting smart contract address. To learn more about CLEVER DEFI, you can visit the website or read the whitepaper.

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