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Chronocatz or Nyolings: Which NFT Offers a Real Community?

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Nyolings is a brand-new collection launched on October 13 and consists of 7,777 cute characters on the Ethereum blockchain. Like many projects, the team says that holders will be part of a strong community, but is holding a digital avatar and Tweeting a few soundbites really a community?

The Chronocatz project is one that offers a real community through its ties to luxury watch investing. Traditional watch investors have always had to use physical third parties to discuss or facilitate investment. The CRNO marketplace is seeking to decentralize and democratize the market for luxury watches, and is the obvious path for this asset class to move to the blockchain. Better price transparency and blockchain authentication will improve the market.

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Nyolings Are a Replica of Every Other NFT Drop

Nyolings is another drop of “cute” avatars that boasts of building a strong community but what does that entail? Twitter and Discord messages between holders? The project roadmap says that they will count on “amazing artwork, a strong community, and an experienced team” to take their project to another level.

Many designers have seen an income stream with NFTs and are jumping on the bandwagon with standard drops. The real NFT success stories will have an outlet for the community and Axie Infinity was one example with its play-to-earn game. Investors should think twice before buying up every cute graphic design collection.

Chronocatz Offers Real Community Value

Chronocatz NFTs will bring real community value by offering access to a private members club and member rewards. Watch investment is the outlet for holders, and they can embrace a long-standing asset class and safe haven. The Chronocatz collection is shunning adventure for real-world assets and will provide access to private auctions, events, and parties. That is real community engagement and investors get to learn more about luxury watches.

The Chronocatz collection will appeal to traditional watch investors who want access to the exclusive drops and also attend live events. For holders of the CRNO token, additional staking yields are on offer for a passive investment opportunity. Chronocatz is bringing something unique to the NFT market and investors should consider getting involved before the project goes mainstream. Many celebrities and sports stars are big watch collectors, and it would only take one endorsement to see meme coin-style gains in CRNO and its NFTs. The project will also offer collateral value with the backing of real-world watches from the world’s top watchmakers.

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