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Chronocatz or Exosama: Which NFT Should You Buy?

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Exosama: Expect Chaos has been one of the latest collections attracting investor attention. This collection of 10,000 avatars is pitched into a sci-fi adventure to liberate a planet. The project was launched on Ethereum and has seen total sales of 1877 ETH ($2.4 million) in just over a month.

The Chronocatz project is a real-world project released by the team behind Chronoly (CRNO), the marketplace for luxury watches. Chronoly is seeking to decentralize and democratize the luxury watch market, attracting wealthy investors to the platform. The Chronocatz are 7,777 unique NFTs with each providing exclusive access to the Chrono Wealth Club (CWC) private members club and limited edition drops.

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Exosama Shows an Appetite for Sci-Fi NFTs

The Exosama: Expect Chaos NFT collection is a sci-fi adventure with a multiverse landscape. Each avatar is a sci-fi warrior of the resistance and they are invited to liberate the planet of NOVA from a tyrant. The avatars can be equipped with additional NFT traits such as pets and weapons. The project was designed by Justine Cruz who was responsible for work on Magic The Gathering.

The floor price for an EXO NFT is 2.7 Ethereum, which amounts to $3,500. This shows that there is still an investor appetite for projects that tap into the multiverse and offer gameplay benefits. Exosama was in the top 30 NFT collections in October 2022 and could continue to grow.

Chronocatz Avoids the Multiverse for Real-World Value

Chronocatz NFTs have a lower supply than Exosama at 7,777 making them rarer and helping to support the floor price. Chronocatz NFTs each have unique traits with the key one being the luxury watch the Cats are wearing. Each watch is from the world’s top brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. The project is shunning adventure for real-world assets and community engagement. The project was released by Chronoly which has launched a decentralized marketplace for trading luxury watches.

All holders of Chronocatz will get access to the Chrono Wealth Club (CWC) and can take advantage of exclusive drops, secret auctions, and live events. Investors can also stake for additional yields on CRNO tokens. Exosoma appeals to investors who are gamers and play-to-earn enthusiasts. Chronocatz appeals to the more sophisticated investor who has an interest in luxury watches and investments with stability.

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