Chimpzee’s 5 Billion Mega Token Burn Will be Followed by MEXC Listing – Next Meme Coin to Pump?

Matt Williams
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Chimpzee March

Hot wildlife token Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) has announced a new exchange listing. $CHMPZ will be available for trading on MEXC starting from March 5.

With 5 billion tokens recently burnt on March 1 expected to lead to a massive surge of demand for the token, Chimpzee is making its way to more exchanges. Currently, it is listed on P2B and Bitmart. Staking rewards of up to 40% APY are active on the website for investors.

Chimpzee: The Next Crypto to Pump?

Chimpzee is gearing up for a mega bull burn in March. Multiple factors add to the craze around the project. First of all, exchange listings are often accompanied by price surges. So are token burns. They are historically known for triggering significant price actions by decreasing the supply and capitalizing on the inverse relationship between price and supply. They have the potential to pave the path for notable price increases.

In a strategic move, Chimpzee has brought the two events close together, creating the perfect recipe for a crypto pump. The staking reward system, on the other hand, will add to the longevity of the price appreciation and mitigate the price correction that often follows steep crypto price surges.

staking CHMPZ

Another pivotal catalyst for Chimpzee’s surge will be the launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports.

They give various privileges, including enhanced rewards and earnings, and have the potential to further reduce the token supply by 5 billion.

Chimpzee NFTs

Top-5 Rankings Within Reach

The next rally is expected to set new support for Chimpzee, cementing its position among the top 5 meme coins.

While Chimpzee is not a meme coin technically, its avatar based on a half-ape, half-human character allows it to tap into meme coin communities. The project uses this narrative to ignite hype and garner mass attention from the crypto market.

But its broader goal is to promote more interest and engagement in wildlife conservation. The meme coin label and crypto incentives help the project achieve this goal and increase participation.

As a meme coin integrated with a social and environmental goal, Chimpzee holds large promise in the current crypto climate.

Chimpzee Phenomenon Explained

Although a relatively new project, Chimpzee has managed to establish its credibility right from the presale stage, which raised over $2.7M.

Chimpzee distinguishes itself in the sustainability market with a results-driven approach. It uses blockchain’s decentralized architecture for global coordination and crypto incentivization as a tool for encouraging participation.


The key point is that it doesn’t solely rely on the goodwill of the masses to promote wildlife conservation. Instead, it motivates action through crypto rewards.

  • The shop-to-earn pillar of Chimpzee’s ecosystem is a store where products with slogans promoting wildlife conservation and climate action are featured. Shoppers will earn rewards in $CHMPZ tokens with every purchase. The first version of the merchandise store is now available.
  • Dedicated to NFT traders, the trade-to-earn pillar of Chimpzee is an NFT marketplace featuring projects with environmental missions primarily. Based on a profit-sharing model, it incentivizes participation with rewards.
  • Zero Tolerance Game is a P2E game that revolves around wildlife conservation and instills a sense of environmental responsibility in players.

Chimpzee has been actively contributing to various environmental initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the WILD Foundation, Forgotten Animals, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block. As the ecosystem evolves, a share of the profit generated on the platform will be donated to various causes.

Is it too Late to Buy CHMPZ?

Chimpzee is on the brink of a breakout at the time of writing. The social sentiments around the recent burn that removed 5 Billion tokens in the first stage and another 5 billion during the NFT launch if sold out have yet to translate into a meme coin pump.

But waiting until the event date will prove to be a costly decision. Remaining ahead of the market is the key to earning substantial rewards from the crypto market. In a volatile market such as cryptocurrency, an eye for changing trends is crucial.

Pepe sparked the biggest meme coin trend of 2023 with its frog-themed viral token. Strategic investors of the project earned up to 5000% with clever entry and exit points. But investors who were late to onboard lost a big sum as Pepe’s value plummeted in the coming days.

Timing matters in the crypto market. Equally important is the market relevance of the project.

The latest trend gaining traction in the crypto market is Green meme coins. The sensation is spearheaded by Chimpzee ($CHMPZ). Unlike short-lived meme coin trends, green meme coins have long-term relevance.

While it’s not too late to buy $CHMPZ, investors will have to pay a significantly higher price for the token once the meme coin pump begins.

To learn more about the project and buy $CHMPZ tokens through P2B or BitMart, visit the official Chimpzee website.


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