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Is ChangeNOW Crypto Swap Platform Legit?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Fraud and scams involving cryptocurrency are unfortunately common. Users are targeted by a lot of services to rip them off. So, research is always a wise decision if you are unsure whether a website is reputable.

Let's take a look at the ChangeNOW crypto swapping platform. It is a non-custodial service designed for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform claims utmost safety, simplicity, and convenience. Personal data and funds are not stored by the service.

ChangeNOW offers crypto exchanges in its mobile app available for Android and iOS, or through its website. It also offers fiat-for-crypto swaps, so the exchanger is not just limited to crypto-to-crypto transactions.

It is always a good idea to start with reading reviews written by actual customers. Overall, it appears that users are satisfied with the service, as TrustPilot records a 4.7 star rating out of 5. In spite of minor issues, users rate ChangeNOW.io positively because of its helpful support staff.

Email or an online contact form can be used for customer service inquiries. Responses are typically received within 10 minutes for the first time and within 20 to 30 minutes for follow-up messages. Its help center operates 24 hours a day. You can also look for help on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Medium.

ChangeNOW has been trusted by over 3 million people to exchange their coins. The platform supports more than 380 cryptocurrencies, and over 70,000 trading pairs, allowing crypto investors to diversify their portfolios. Also, no signup is needed to exchange crypto, unless you're paying with fiat.

ChangeNOW’s partners Simplex and Guardarian facilitate purchases of cryptos with almost 60 fiats using Visa and Mastercard cards — a further indication of trust. The vast majority of transactions are completed in about five minutes.

Even a novice trader can effortlessly swap cryptocurrencies as ChangeNOW's user interface is simple and intuitive.

Aside from the crypto exchange platform, ChangeNOW offers a number of other NOW products that include NOW Wallet, NOW Tracker, NOW Payments, and NOW Loans. These products are powered by ChangeNOW's own NOW Token which is used primarily as ChangeNOW’s internal currency. Registered users can also receive cashback on every transaction in NOWs.

In contrast to other crypto exchange platforms, ChangeNOW doesn’t set a maximum exchange amount. Depending on the asset, the minimum exchange starts at USD 2 worth of another crypto. Users can choose floating or fixed exchange rates, and the platform will calculate the best rate in a transparent manner with no hidden fees. 

A floating rate exchange uses the best market rate determined by market conditions and network fees. If the expected rate fluctuation exceeds 3 percent, the transaction is halted, and the user is given the option of accepting the new rate or canceling the transaction.

It is also possible to lock in the rate for 20 minutes in a fixed-rate swap, ensuring you get what you expected, but at a higher cost.


The fact that ChangeNOW’s Head of PR Mike Ermolaev regularly attends crypto events and conferences and contributes to major crypto media outlets is yet another indication of ChangeNOW’s legitimacy.

Mike Ermolaev writes for Cryptonews, Benzinga, Cointelegraph Brazil and Spain, FXStreet, Bitcoinmagazine and others.

B2B Solutions from ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW provides a variety of crypto services not only to its users, but also to its partners. In addition to widgets, buttons, and referral links, B2B options include tools for monetizing traffic on blogs and websites. Furthermore, ChangeNOW's APIs and White Labels are available for free to other businesses, allowing them to benefit from its crypto services. Partners are able to set the revenue share they want to receive, which puts them in control of how much they earn. Furthermore, ChangeNOW can assist with crypto payments, asset listing, liquidity, and custody.

ChangeNOW's Roadmap

ChangeNOW Plastic Visa is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2022. It is currently available for pre-order through the platform to registered users from the UK and EU. This Visa debit card from ChangeNOW with crypto-to-fiat automatic conversion will allow cardholders to pay in cryptocurrencies wherever Visa is accepted.

ChangeNOW also plans to build its own crypto trading platform and marketplace.

Bottom Line

It's easy to conclude that ChangeNOW is legit by the many positive reviews and the high-quality products it releases and improves. As more customers demand top-of-the-line crypto solutions, ChangeNOW continually improves its products and responds to user needs.