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C+Charge Raises $1.2 Million in Presale – Only 5 Days Left to Invest Before Price Increases

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C+Charge, an innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging and payment system, recently crossed the $1 million investment mark in its presale, with a new milestone of $1.2 million estimated in a few hours. 

The Newest Green Project in the Crypto Space

Despite numerous innovations aimed at mitigating climate change and preserving the environment, there is a significant need to steer towards a more simplified solution regarding the transportation sector. The number of new electric vehicles entering the transportation sector is massive, and their models and abilities are constantly improving.

The adoption of electric vehicles has birthed the new green revolution to ease transportation stress, mitigate fossil fuel use, and contribute to an eco-friendly environment. The stated objectives are precisely why C+Charge, a versatile blockchain-based project, is making quite a splash in the industry. 

C+Charge is looking to disrupt the electric vehicles (EVs) charging market by providing a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution and rewarding drivers with carbon credits that were previously distributed only to large carbon-emission industries and companies. As a result, EV drivers can track charging costs and effectively contribute to creating a green environment globally. 

The crypto project native token, $CCHG, is currently in its third presale phase and has raised nearly $1.2 million in investment. Due to strong interest, the digital asset presale is going strong, with five days until the fourth presale phase kicks in. But why is this project’s growth immersive?

C+Charge: Redefining the EV Charging Market Payment System

The adoption of electric vehicles remains the climax. However, EV owners have encountered a number of challenges, including a lack of transparency in charging costs. 

Since Tesla introduced its vast EV models, other car manufacturers have delved into the Electric vehicle industry and released diverse branded EVs. As a result, the current number of charging stations needs to be increased, and the payment system needs to be more cohesive. 

In addition, the lack of transparent pricing means EV drivers are unaware of the true costs of charging their EVs, and this is what C+Charge intends to redefine and simplify. 

The C+Charge team believes the current structure of the EV industry is medieval to support the rising number of electric vehicle production. Being one of the cryptos projects with a wide array of real-life use cases, the platform has designed a robust P2P solution for EV charging stations powered by blockchain technology. 

C+Charge aims to become a world-revered universal payment system for the EV industry through its robust application and native token, $CCHG. Through these integrations, the eco-friendly blockchain project intends to become a go-to payment platform for EV charging and reward drivers with carbon credits for driving and recharging. 

Regarding charging station development, the crypto project is partnering with high-profile companies to roll out its network and utility features to charging stations. C+Charge has collaborated with Phihong, one of the largest and most popular charging station manufacturers, to provide diverse types of equipment needed to build more charging stations powered by its network. 

Stand a Chance to Win $50,000 Worth of CCHG Tokens

Like other new crypto projects, C+Charge is providing early investors an opportunity to win generous giveaways, notably the $50k worth of CCHG tokens. To win, investors must complete nine simple tasks, such as following the crypto project on its social media platforms and connecting a crypto wallet to the C+Charge website.

Invest in C+Charge Now: Earn Over 80% Nominal Profit

C+Charge is currently hosting a presale for its native token. The utility token powers the project’s ecosystem and will enable EV drivers to pay for their EV charging costs and acts as proof required to propel carbon credits distribution. 

The presale hit its major milestone of $1 million investment earlier this week and is expected to cross the $1.2 million mark in a few hours. The $CCHG presale is currently in its third phase but will move into the fourth phase in five days.

When it reaches the fourth stage, the presale price of $CCHG will increase from $0.016 to $0.017 per token. 

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