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C+Charge Carbon Credit Crypto Project Approved by Leading Auditing Firm – Raises $370,000 in Presale

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 4 min read
Source: SolidProof

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C+Charge has passed a security audit conducted by Germany-based blockchain auditor SolidProof, which examined its core smart contracts and found no issues at all. Its publication comes just as the BNB Chain-based carbon credit platform marks raising $370,000 in its ongoing token sale, indicating the growing market interest in its plans to create a blockchain-based network of EV-charging stations.

Offering CCHG at a price of $0.013, the presale aims to raise $2,080,000 and is due to end on March 31, when the altcoin will receive its first exchange listings. This will also potentially be the time when early CCHG investors make a market-beating profit, with C+Charge having some of the strongest fundamentals of any new project in the ecosystem.

C+Charge Carbon Credit Crypto Project Approved by Leading Auditing Firm – Raises $370,000 in Presale

As part of its security audit of C+Charge smart contracts, SolidProof tested for issues of varying severity, from ‘critical’ issues to ‘low’ issues. It found none of any kind, suggesting that C+Charge’s contracts are robust against weakness and vulnerablities, from the ability to unilaterally mint excess CCHG tokens to code formatting errors.

Source: SolidProof

This comes as yet another seal of approval for C+Charge, which has also just marked raising $370,000 in its token sale, which began at the end of last year.

This CCHG presale is set to come in four stages, with the first stage currently offering CCHG at a price of $0.01300. This will then rise to $0.01650, $0.02000 and (finally) $0.02350, the latter of which already represents an 80% increase over the current sale price.

40% of CCHG’s total maximum supply (of one billion) has been allocated to the sale. Importantly, there will be no vesting period for investors, so they’ll be able to sell their CCHG as soon as the altcoin receives its first listing, which is due on Friday March 31.

Early investors can participate in the sale by heading over to and connecting their Connect Wallet or MetaMask wallets. It’s then simply a matter of buying CCHG with either BNB or USDT (the Binance Chain version). 

Within the C+Charge ecosystem, the CCHG token will be used by EV owners to pay to charge their vehicles. They will then be rewarded with carbon credits, which come in the form of C+Charge’s Goodness Native Token (GNT), which represents a verified voluntary carbon credit, backed by a16z Crypto, Samsung Next, and Invesco.

By providing tokenized carbon credits to electric vehicles owners, C+Charge will offer greater incentive to own and use such vehicles. GNT will be tradable like CCHG, meaning that users could potentially earn a supplementary income, just for driving as normal and helping the environment.

Another sign that C+Charge is already growing encouragingly is that it has signed a partnership with Perfect Solutions Turkey, through which its network will be able to use 20% of the EV chargers in Turkey. It will add more partners and EV chargers to its network en route to launching next year.

It has also signed a partnership with Flowcarbon, meaning that C+Charge will also provide tokenized carbon credits through Flowcarbon’s Goodness Nature Token ($GNT).

In terms of how its platform will work, its app will have a GPS-based map that will lead users to its nearest EV charging station. Once at the station, drivers can use the in-app wallet to pay for charging using CCHG, with this wallet then using GNT-based carbon credits.

One other feature is that these credits can later be minted as non-fungible tokens, something which potentially increases their value on the secondary market. Taken together, such features should motivate greater uptake of electric vehicles, which can only be a positive for the environment.

Presale Profits

Given the strength of C+Charge’s fundamentals and its roadmap, CCHG has a very strong chance of rising vigorously once it lists on March 31. Indeed, despite the bear market, presale tokens had a very good 2022, beating the market on several occasions.

For example, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by as much as 1,800% compared to its sale price when it listed on OKX in October. Even better, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessed returns as high as 6,000% and 3000% compared to initial presale prices of $0.00015.

While there’s no guarantee that CCHG will replicate or beat these returns, it has all of the ingredients to have a successful presale and successful listings. It also has all the ingredients to have a positive impact on the use of electric vehicles globally, something which is no small matter.

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