13 May 2021 · 2 min read

Can Tokenplace Usher in a New Era in Crypto-economics?

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Token Place

Over the last few years, the cryptoverse has seen many new trading platforms go online one after the other. That begs the question, why? After all, if all you are interested in is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some of the big boys, then the traditional Forex trading websites are quite enough for any retail trader to make a buck. The answer is trading pairs. Only specialized trading platforms can offer the trading pairs in which a true crypto enthusiast will be interested.

But do we need more crypto platforms, I hear you ask? Today, Tokenplace is launching its TOK token. The company seems to have an emphatic answer for the question : "Yes." Let's see why.

Tokenplace aims to help shape the crypto-economic future by bringing forward a new platform that uses parallel trades split up over different single exchanges so that the problems associated with erratic price fluctuations, trade friction, and inflated prices can be prevented. That alone makes a case for a new platform. One that works better for everybody.

Tokenplace’s selling points

Other features in the Tokenplace terminal will be unified trading and analytics, portfolio management and reporting, intuitive search, smart classification, and an immersive dashboard.

In other words, users can link all their exchange accounts, have thousands of currency pairs displayed at hand while they see the best prices in real-time; they have a complete overview of their portfolios and transactions down to the daily details, and they can use a professional analytics toolkit to manage their assets; transactions are classified in a custom way; every report and chart is available within a single window as well as the account's status and history.

So the point in Tokenplace, as you can see from the previous description, is two-fold: to maximize profit by harnessing the power of parallel trades in different exchanges simultaneously, firstly. And to offer its users a trading experience akin to those they can find in the most sophisticated traditional Forex or stock exchange platforms. If the platform can meet both challenges, it could become a world-class player in the cryptocurrency exchange game.

There are two services on offer, at least for now. You can use it for free. You get all the advantages of a consolidated account that can manage your assets in multiple exchanges simultaneously.

The project will get support from a new token, TOK, which will be launched today on TrustSwap with global disruption in mind.

So the new platform is up with an innovative technical offer that aims to change the world. Will it go that far? We will have to see if the general public (or the equivalent concept in the cryptoverse) is willing to embrace or reject this proposal.

The driving idea behind the project is to help bring cryptocurrency trade closer to the mainstream than ever before. That is precisely what everybody involved in blockchain technology wants. We will have to wait and see if this is the tool to help things move along that path.