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Calvaria Ready to Launch on Uniswap Following Explosive Presale

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Following its explosive presale, Calvaria is happy to announce that the $RIA token is finally being launched on Uniswap – the most sought-after decentralized exchange in the sector. Calvaria finished its presale at the end of January 2023, in which it managed to raise a total of $3 million for its groundbreaking card-battling strategy P2E game, designed to attract a wave of non-crypto users into the industry. 

Since then, the Calvaria team has been working to have $RIA listed on exchanges across the board. With some centralized exchanges under its belt, the new listing on Uniswap will add a decentralized venue for users that aren’t prepared to send their tokens to exchanges. 

Calvaria Ready to Launch on Uniswap

The Calvaria presale took the P2E battle-card sector by storm as investors rushed to get a piece of $RIA, resulting in the presale managing to raise an impressive $3 million;

With the presale behind us, Calvaria is now focused on delivering the game and getting the $RIA token listed on as many prominent centralized and decentralized exchanges as possible. The team has already managed to have $RIA listed on a variety of exchanges, including LBank, a Hong Kong-based exchange that facilitates over $1 billion in daily trading volume;

As the listings continue to rack up, Calvaria is happy to announce that it’s ready to launch $RIA on Uniswap today at 2 PM UTC;

The team will inject liquidity into the Uniswap $RIA pool and open the doors for trading through the decentralized platform. With the launch of the Unsiwap pool, Calvaria will have outlets for traders to buy and sell $RIA in both centralized and decentralized methods. Investors reluctant to send their $RIA to exchanges can now comfortably buy/sell $RIA from the security of their own wallets. 

Alongside the CEX and DEX listings, Calvaria has also been listed on the most-prominent crypto index sites in Coinmarketcap and Coingecko;

Why are Gamers Excited about Calvaria?

Calvaria is the latest addition to the play-to-earn sector that has gamers incredibly excited. The P2E game is an immersive battle card strategy game that offers rewards to players. Investors in $RIA expect Calvaria to be one of the best upcoming crypto projects in 2023 due to its unique sector of gaming – the battle card strategy industry.

In the game, players are required to outsmart their opponent’s next move in a turn-based strategy game. To compete in the battle, players must come equipped with the perfect set of playing cards with the right abilities to beat their opponent’s deck. Each battle card is an NFT with its own strengths and weaknesses, which helps determine how successful it will be in the battle. As the cards are NFTs, no two cards are identical. Furthermore, players retain ownership of their NFTs throughout the ecosystem. 

The overall aim of the game is for players to build a varied deck of cards to be competitive in the strategy battle. If a player can outsmart their opponent, the game rewards them with token earnings, resources, and power-ups to strengthen their decks further. 

The Mission: Speed Up Mass Adoption

One of the primary missions behind Calvaria is to speed up the process of crypto being adopted by the mass market through the P2E battle card game. The team effectively wants to become an ambassador for crypto, proving that the technology can be used in a good light while simultaneously attracting non-crypto natives to the industry.

Calvaria plans to attract non-crypto natives by releasing a free-to-play version of its game alongside the play-to-earn version. The free-to-play version is designed to be an introduction to the game that is accessible on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. 

Having Calvaria in the Web2 sector provides a perfect on-ramp for gamers that haven’t yet entered the crypto space. The free-to-play version will include all of the game’s prominent features, including its high-quality graphics, immersive battle mechanics, and the ability to collect and build decks of cards. However, the free-to-play version won’t feature a blockchain or any earning mechanics. 

The idea of the free-to-play version is to remove the barriers to entry for non-crypto users while simultaneously showing them how much money they could have earned if they played the play-to-earn version. In addition, players will see a direct lifetime earnings tracker in the free-to-play version, so they’re well aware of how much money their skills could earn them. Eventually, the Calvaria team hopes this will be enough to convince players to switch to the play-to-earn version and become crypto natives. 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity Incoming Q2 2023

The first game from Calvaria is called Duels of Eternity, set in the afterlife beyond the veil of death. Having the game staged in the afterlife is relatively new to the P2E sector, providing the perfect backdrop to make it totally unique. 

The team is keeping their cards close to their chest about the release of the game, but they have hinted that the alpha version of the game will be ready to be deployed at some point in early Q2 2023. Furthermore, they have started to tease some of the characters that are expected to be in the game;

That’s not all for Calvaria. Alongside additional CEX listings and the game’s release, Calvaria also has plans to expand the intellectual property behind the entire Calvaria franchise. For example, they plan to release more AAA games, create an e-sport team of their own, start releasing comics surrounding the lore of Calvaria, and produce an animated series.

Overall, the Calvaria train is starting to chug along nicely. The next stop is Uniswap, providing everybody the perfect opportunity to jump on board before the game is released and the ecosystem begins to flourish.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.