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Calvaria Play to Earn Battle Card Game Blasts Past $1.9 Million Raised – Next Crypto to Explode?

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Calvaria is one of the market’s most exciting new blockchain gaming platforms. Its native RIA token presale has surpassed the $1.9 million mark raised in a matter of weeks.

RIA Races Past $1.9 Million 

The digital asset, which went live on presale a little over a month ago, has been one of the market’s best-performing new coins. Its presale has reached another milestone, crossing the $1.9 million mark just weeks after launch.

Even amidst one of the most severe bear markets in crypto history, RIA has continued to move from one milestone to another. This shows that there is high demand for the asset, as investors anticipate a price increase as soon as it is listed on exchanges.

What is Calvaria? 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain gaming platform that takes players to a virtual world where they can purchase non-fungible tokens representing different characters. The platform categorizes NFTs based on different character sets, allowing players to mix tokens based on traits and characteristics. 

Here, the goal is to build a deck and use strategy to outlast opponents. Players can battle in different arenas for the chance to win tokens as rewards. Calvaria’s developers also organize regular competitions and engagement initiatives in which players can win cash prizes and other attractive rewards.

The developers believe that they have created the perfect blockchain game. Unlike most other titles, the game doesn’t require players to commit financially to get started. Instead, they receive free NFTs and can begin collecting and competing with other players using their decks immediately.

This is a significant difference from most other blockchain games that require players to buy NFTs or commit capital before they can begin playing. 

Calvaria is available on Android and iOS. As a result, players can access the game no matter where they are.

What RIA Does 

RIA is the primary ecosystem token of the entire Calvaria game. The asset’s primary function is to facilitate NFT trades within the game’s in-app NFT marketplace, which helps to stabilize the ecosystem’s tokenomics.

RIA is also intrinsically valuable as it is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. This means that the digital asset can be staked in order for holders to earn profit. 

As a PoS coin, RIA can be staked to grant users game governance power via Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Holding RIA allows users to participate in many of Calvaria’s online competitions. As a result, the coin is linked to everything in the game.

Get RIA Now for Gains 

RIA is available on presale. As one of the most exciting presales in the market, it presents a massive profitability opportunity. 

The RIA presale consists of ten stages, with the coin’s price increasing as every stage is cleared. The digital asset’s price will hit $0.055 at the end of the complete presale, so new investors can still earn over 100% profits by getting in now. 

RIA tokens are currently selling for $0.025, but the price will increase to $0.030 in the next stage of the sale.

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