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Calvaria Battle Card Game Is On The Rise After Raising $100,000 in Presale – RIA To The Moon?

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Calvaria has recently crossed the $100,000 price point in its fourth round of presales. This latest landmark shows a growing interest in the P2E game.

RIA Stage 4 Presale Nearly Over

In Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, players construct the best deck of cards and compete against one another to earn rewards. Essentially, the game allows players to collect these cards, battle with them, earn their native token RIA and simultaneously upgrade their cards as their value increases. 

Considering their limited supply and unique features, Calvaria-themed cards are innately valuable since they are non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Its RIA token has also enjoyed positive results following its successful presale. Currently, the project is in its fourth presale phase after completing three phases. The RIA token has crossed the $100,000 mark in this stage and has raised $1.8 million in investments from blockchain game lovers and early-bird investors.

In this stage, investors can get the RIA token for a bargain at a current value of $0.05 before the next investment circle.

Calvaria – A Gods Unchained Contender

Blockchain gaming is experiencing meteoric growth despite the current market downtrend. 

According to a DappRadar report, NFT-powered wallets rose to 1.1 million unique active wallets (UAWs). The majority of these UAWs were focused on NFTs and blockchain gaming.

With so much potential in the nascent sub-sector, several daring projects have been launched. One such is Gods Unchained, a digital collectible card game in the same fold as Calvaria. However, both projects have a huge difference tied to their vision.

While Gods Unchained is focused solely on creating an immersive crypto gaming experience, Calvaria takes this idea further and looks to fast-track crypto and blockchain adoption. The development team aims to make each player an ambassador for uniting the real world and the crypto space.

Using gamification mechanisms, Calvaria provides an immersive yet core card game. Another crucial area is the amount of options players have.

For a start, Calvaria offers a free-to-play (F2P) mode aside from its regular P2E. The F2P mode caters to card players who either lack crypto knowledge or don’t want to interface with blockchain-based assets. These users get the same experience and access to advertising, scholarship opportunities, and physical goods and services.

P2E does the same thing but adds a twist. In the P2E mode, users are treated to several perks and benefits. Players are rewarded with the RIA token for time spent playing the game. 

As well as gaining royalties from secondary sales, upgrading NFT cards, wagering on tournaments and matches, and even gaining advertising and scholarship opportunities, this mode allows users to make money from their NFT cards.

In addition, a story mode is included to help users develop rapport with the game. Most blockchain games, including Gods Unchained, lack this feature.

Calvaria $100k Giveaway

To commemorate the success of its fourth presale stage, the Calvaria team is launching a giveaway for its users. The blockchain game is giving away over $100,000 in RIA token prizes. Users have to complete ten steps to stand a chance. 

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