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Calvaria Battle Card Crypto Game Pays Users for Playing – Find Out More Here

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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity aims to change the landscape for blockchain gaming by allowing players to make returns for their activities. 

What is this game, and why is it so valuable? 

An Introduction to Calvaria 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new and upcoming blockchain game that rewards players for playing the game.

The game transports players to an afterlife-themed universe where they can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing different characters. These characters are generally grouped into different categories, although they have unique combinations of traits and characteristics. Since they are NFTs, players own them and can trade or sell them if they wish. 

The objective of the Calvaria ecosystem is for each player to create an NFT deck and use it to battle with other players in order to get tokens as rewards. 

No Barriers to Entry 

One of the primary benefits of Calvaria is that the game eliminates barriers to entry for anyone looking to play. The developers noticed a trend in blockchain gaming where most games require players to purchase NFTs or make some form of financial commitment. Those games that don’t require this will usually come with significant technical knowledge for anyone looking to enjoy them. 

They made the decision to combine the best of both worlds by creating an NFT game that players can participate in without needing to pay anything or possess a high level of technical knowledge.

When players first enter the gaming environment, the developers of Calvaria will provide them with free NFTs, so they can get a head start. 

The RIA Ecosystem Token

Like other blockchain games, Calvaria has a native token that powers all of its activities. This token is called RIA, and its job is to ensure the stability of the entire gaming economy. 

RIA facilitates NFT purchases across Calvaria’s NFT marketplace, and the digital asset also provides additional intrinsic value because it is a proof-of-stake (PoS). Holders looking to earn additional money can do so by staking RIA in the gaming protocol directly, so the asset essentially works as a long-term investment. 

Holders can also stake RIA to participate in the game’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO governs just about everything relating to the game, voting on new upgrades and platform proposals. And by staking RIA, players can have their voices heard. 

Also, RIA allows Calvaria players to earn even while not playing the game. Calvaria organizes several community initiatives and competitions, so people can earn money even if they don’t play the game.

Should You Buy RIA? 

Right now, RIA is available on presale. The asset’s presale began less than a month ago and has raised well over $1.5 million. RIA’s presale will go over a ten-stage period, where the token will be sold to investors in batches. 

After starting its presale at a unit price of $0.010, RIA’s price should hit $0.055 at the tenth and final stage. This means that early investors stand to earn over 400% returns. 

RIA is currently in the fourth presale stage and trades at a unit price of $0.025, so there is still an opportunity for investors to earn profits from the asset.

Calvaria’s developers have secured partnerships with MEXC and LBank – two of the market’s latest centralized exchanges – to list the asset as soon as the presale is over. 

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