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Business Club Aims to Get a Million Users in a Year

Last updated: | 2 min read

How can you grow your blockchain project to a million users by the end of 2020, and five million by the end of 2022? It’s simple, says CEO of blockchain startup Business Club Tim Odermatt: with intense campaigning, along with their solutions, success is inevitable.

“We are first company ever on the market to combine debit cards issuing cryptocurrency wallet with a social network, all based on our blockchain and supported by our own cryptocurrency,” he says.

Sure, millions of users within such a short timeframe may sound hard to achieve, but Odermatt believes that “the possibilities are unlimited, and our goals are within our reach.” By offering an Active Wallet that generates passive income for their native Business Club Token (BCT), which supply is capped at 720 million tokens, the project is currently working to obtain a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, as well as from the Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) in Malta. This will pave the way for them to start issuing VISA payment cards by the third quarter of the coming year.

While intense campaigning may do the trick for getting people on board, once you read up on the project, you might want to help them along yourself. The Business Club has a seven-level commission system, increasing your profits whenever you recommend the Active Wallets system to other people. The more people you have on your downline, the more passive income you’re generating. This also means there are six different account tiers you can achieve on the platform according to the state of your downline, and the rewards are increasing amounts of team bonuses, from 5% to 25%.

During pre-launch mode, you will need a referring number to register: 161128601154

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to participate, fear not: Odermatt says that the project has been global from its very inception, and the website is available in 17 different languages. Although the launch is mostly aimed at EU and Asian countries, “we have US strong kickstarter prepared for 2020,” he explains.

If you’re looking for a blockchain-based ecosystem that is tailored towards businesses and success-oriented individuals alike, Business Club is the solution for you. With blockchain guaranteeing security, immutability and transparency in terms of transactions, once you open an Active Wallet through the project, you will automatically gain access to your social network profile that you can use to get in touch with similarly-minded people and grow your network by talking to them through a fully encrypted chat.

The BCT coin powering the infrastructure will be available for purchase through the project’s Active Wallet directly, as it is minted through every purchase instead of on a schedule. Once the supply reaches its cap of 720 million tokens, minting will stop, and after a two-week period it will go live on both the integrated and external exchanges. The coin will be worth one US dollar at launch, but the team estimates manyfold growth over time, in part thanks to the limited supply, even to the point that they expect BCT to enter the top 20 coins by market capitalization. BCT transactions won’t leave you destitute: at a transaction fee of 0.25% which is set to drop to 0.005% once the supply cap is reached, you’ll be free to transfer funds as much as you want to. Stay tuned for more information so you can get in on the fun before the rush starts!

Visit Business Club to register!
Referring number needed during pre-launch mode: 161128601154

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