Bull Run Heats Up: BlueZilla Unleashes BlastFi IDO on March 26th


BlueZilla, the leading incubator, is making triumphant waves again. Renowned for pioneering project launches with titans like BSCPad, AIPad, and GameZone, BlueZilla continues its legacy of success, boasting a track record of incubating and launching 35% of the top IDOs in 2021.

Zaibot’s recent launch showed incredible success, trending at 28x and capturing global attention on Twitter. Now, a new milestone awaits with the BlastFi IDO scheduled for Tuesday, 26th March.

After the recent news of Blast reaching a TVL of $2.4b in under 4 days, the ecosystem is primed for another significant surge with the introduction of BlastFi. Positioned to be the leading incubator and launch platform, BlastFi prioritizes a gamified user experience and integrated DeFi infrastructure, all within the Blast network. Investors will gain unprecedented access to promising projects within the Blast ecosystem, supported by features like a gamified leaderboard, weekly quests, multichain accessibility, NFT integration, and more.

It is common knowledge that success hinges on the strength of your network and infrastructure! Backed and incubated by BlueZilla—a leader in project launches—BlastFi is primed for greatness. With a track record of over 100 successful projects, exceeding $500 billion in trading volume, and $80+ million raised, BlueZilla brings unparalleled expertise and resources to the table. With this solid backing and extensive network, BlastFi is poised to capitalize on BlueZilla’s wealth of experience and industry advantage.

What Makes BlastFi Stand Out?

In addition to its incubation and project launch prowess, BlastFi sets itself apart by seamlessly blending gamification with DeFi, all while prioritizing user engagement and community building. Here are some key highlights of its features:

  • Multichain Accessibility between Blast, BNB, and Ethereum to provide maximum access across chains to the next 100x projects. BlastFi plans to add more networks in the future.
  • An integrated NFT wallet, NFT viewer and leaderboard, showing users scores from staking/locking, and a bonus score from events.
  • Low Volatility Native Yield Staking, where staked ETH gets converted into a score which is then matched in $BLASTFI tokens. In addition, a 2x score multiplier is applied, thus doubling the staking impact. All the rewards earned from this staking method go into buying back and burning $BLASTFI tokens strategically. This helps increase the token’s value by making it scarce and supports the platform’s goal of building a strong and lasting ecosystem.
  • A weekly bonus program, which adds an extra layer of engagement to the ecosystem. Active users will be incentivized to promote the growth of the community through inviting new users.

Leveraging Partnerships

Recently announced on Twitter, BlastFi has made a significant partnership with EasyX, a heavyweight in leverage trading within the Blast ecosystem. EasyX provides 100x Power, gasless trading, and a seamless KYC-free experience, all wrapped in a user-friendly UI.

This strategic alliance brings sophisticated leverage trading tools to BlastFi, one of the most anticipated projects on Blast, providing its users with even more resources to capitalize on in  the bull run.

Additionally, BlastFi has integrated with Galxe for maximum community engagement, allowing users to complete quests and earn points redeemable for $BLASTFI tokens. Within just a few days of launch, BlastFi has already seen an incredible response with over 34,000 registrations and counting.

Furthermore, BlastFi’s partnership with Thruster ensures its community can leverage the L2 Blast liquidity provision and swaps, adding further value to the platform.

How to Participate in the BlastFi IDO

BlastFi’s IDO will be held on Tuesday, 26 March 2024 on BSCPad, AIPad, and BlastFi itself in two stages: public IDO on BSCPad, AiPad and BlastFI and a private round accessible only to GameZone (Celestial Tier) and ETHPad (Diamond Tier). For full participation details click here

Thanks to BlastFi’s partnership with Galxe, user activity on the Galxe platform directly influences their standing on BlastFi’s leaderboard and terminal bonus system. Join the Galxe campaign now to start earning points and boost your leaderboard score! 

Stay updated on all of BlueZilla’s launches by clicking here, and don’t forget to follow #BlastFi’s social media channels to stay informed about important announcements.

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