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BUIDL Asia 2024: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Innovation in Asia

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


BUIDL Asia 2024 elevates the Web3 ecosystem with discussions on blockchain, AI, and the future of digital integration

The fifth edition of BUIDL Asia, organised by Kryptoplanet, has successfully wrapped up, making a mark on the Asia Web3 landscape. Taking place between March 27th and 28th, the event showcased Korea’s role as a powerhouse of cryptocurrency and Web3 innovation, drawing visionaries, developers, and innovators from across the globe.

Erica Kang, CEO and Founder of Kryptoplanet, reflected on the event’s mission to bridge the global Web3 community with Asia’s dynamic ecosystem. 

 “BUIDL Asia is a celebration of the builders and innovators who are at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. We are proud to have created a platform that not only fosters collaboration but also highlights Asia’s significant contributions to the global Web3 narrative”, said Erica Kang, CEO and Founder of Kryptoplanet.

Event Highlights

BUIDL Asia commenced with an empowering opening speech by Erica Kang, echoing the ethos of the conference to being community-driven and builder-focused. The agenda over the two days included insightful keynotes and engaging panels, with several highlights below. 

Day 1 Highlights:

Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder of the Ethereum Foundation, delved into the future of Ethereum, emphasising account abstraction’s potential to enhance security and user experience.

Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol, spoke on the significance of chain abstraction for a unified blockchain experience, enabling seamless access to various applications and smart contracts.

Makoto Inoue, from Ethereum Name Service (ENS), discussed ENS’s expansion beyond Web3 and the introduction of gasless DNSSEC, facilitating an easier transition for Web2 domains into the Web3 space.

Brian Pak, CEO and Co-Founder of ChainLight, highlighted the security challenges inherent in ZK technology, advocating for stringent security measures to mitigate potential risks.

Avril Dutheil, Core Contributor of Neutron, explored the advantages of integrated applications in improving protocol efficiency and facilitating cross-chain application development.

Day 2 Highlights:

A fireside chat featuring Vitalik Buterin and Illia Polosukhin explored the intersection of AI and crypto, discussing the need for sophisticated AI-crypto models aligned with user incentives and security.

Maartje Bus, VP of Research at Messari, provided insights on the potential of DePIN and the role of meme coins in attracting new users to blockchain technology, emphasizing the emergence of a marketplace for AI agents within the crypto ecosystem.

Eric Nakagawa, Global Head of Developer Relations at Celo Foundation, discussed Celo’s transition to an L2 blockchain, focusing on enhancing decentralisation, scalability, and accessibility, with a strong commitment to leveraging blockchain for social impact.

As the largest community-focused crypto conference in Asia, BUIDL Asia 2024 has once again demonstrated the vibrant spirit and collective dedication of the Korean blockchain community and its global impact. 

For more information, please visit the website here. To listen to the talks, visit Kryptoplanet’s YouTube channel here


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About BUIDL Asia

Hosted by Kryptoplanet, BUIDL Asia is a community-led conference dedicated to sharing technical and business developments in the crypto space and highlighting solid projects and players in the industry. Since 2018, BUIDL Asia is the ultimate opportunity to interact among builders and to find diverse opportunities in terms of business development, employment, and insight sharing.


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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.