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BOME & DogWifHat Investors Target New Memecoin Presales, Chasing 1000% Gains in April 2024

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


With BOME trending downward and DogWifHat (WIF) retracing from recent highs, savvy memecoin investors are eyeing new presales, hoping for potential gains of up to 1000% by April 2024.

BOME’s social dominance and volume have been on a decline for months, impacting its price trajectory. The price currently sits below key EMAs on the daily chart, and trading volume has waned, signaling decreased market activity.

If $BOME finds support at current levels, it could rally towards $0.00705 in the coming weeks, with a base support around $0.005773. Meanwhile, it’s currently trading at $0.009036, signaling an uptrend.

While $WIF recently traded at $3.46, a drop from its weekly highs near $4.30, the ascending Solana-based meme coin seems poised to test its 21DMA support around the $2.10-30 range.

A dip to the 50DMA at $1.70 is possible, but recent recovery to $2.70 indicates growth potential.

Given the meme coin market’s dynamic nature, it’s understandable why BOME & WIF investors are eyeing presales like $GODLEN. This new mascot of Solana has the potential to skyrocket by 1000% this year.

The concept of GODLENFISH has piqued investor interest. In a market saturated with meme coins featuring animals, celebrities, and fleeting trends, $GODLEN offers a unique proposition. It aims to set a new trend or even establish a mascot for meme coins across platforms like Solana, Base, and beyond.

It took less than 24 hours, $GODLEN raised over 1000 SOL (equivalent to the enormous 180000 thousands of USD+), onboarded over 500 participants, accumulated over 5000 wallets for airdrops and counting. This early momentum showcases its appeal and potential.

Utility and Features

Just a meme: GODLEN’s primary utility is delivering top-tier memes, positive vibes, and the excitement of a fresh mascot.

Staking: They offer diverse staking options, allowing users to stake $GODLEN tokens and NFTs. Different staking types with varying APRs and periods will be available. Early stakers in limited pools are going to be rewarded generously.

Game: $GODLEN game will feature compelling mini-games. From PVP battles to single-player challenges requiring NFTs, players will stake their tokens and skills for rewards. No free rides here; if a contract is revoked, tokens get burned to maintain scarcity.

While presale participants staking over 20 SOL will receive an exclusive “G” NFT (only 500 to be released), a testament to their early faith in the $GODLEN community.

The ecosystem of 1000X memecoins – SOLANA ($SOL)

Profitable traders supports the decision to launch GODLEN on Solana, which was driven by several strategic considerations. Solana boasts a vibrant and expansive community, particularly when it comes to supporting memecoins. Furthermore, Solana’s potential for growth is undeniable. With its scalable infrastructure and commitment to low transaction fees, it stands as a formidable competitor to Ethereum. As one of the most socially active blockchains, Solana’s engagement metrics serve as a leading indicator of its rapid expansion.

Considering GODLENFISH’s strong fundamentals and community support, it’s drawing attention as a promising meme coin investment. However, investors should remember that the meme coin market is volatile and speculative.

Ultimately, GODLENFISH’s potential as the best meme coin hinges on an investor’s risk appetite and investment horizon. For those seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities, GODLENFISH presents an enticing option.

Godlenfish Token Presale: 

The Godlenfish presale is ongoing which offers an amazing opportunity for investors to get early and a chance to add some lucky charm to their portfolios. By participating in such presales, profitable traders are securing investments in rare gems before it goes viral or there is no space. Users can join the live presale here:

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.