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$BLP pre-sale is exploding with $6.5M – discover 5 reasons to join BlastUP, a launchpad on Blast that’s rated higher than $LINK for security

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

$BLP tokens are selling out extremely fast, with over $6.5 million raised to date – but investors can still scoop up some at $0.065 before the pre-sale ends on May 31. An 87.42 rating by Certik, a working launchpad that has already hosted two IDOs, and a privileged place in the Blast ecosystem – BlastUP really has everything going for it. 

Reason #1 to buy $BLP: it’s the first working launchpad on Blast

BlastUP is an IDO launchpad on Blast – a new Ethereum rollup that famously reached $1 billion in TVL in only 35 days. Blast is the first L2 to offer native yield in ETH and stablecoins, and its ecosystem is growing very fast, with hundreds of dApps in development.

All those Blast dApps will eventually issue tokens, and they will need a good launchpad for their IDOs. BlastUP will be the launchpad of choice for them – and that means huge demand for the $BLP token, which is needed to secure guaranteed allocations.

Blast currently has $1.5 billion in DeFi TVL, about the same as Base, but much fewer people are talking about it – which means you are still early. It would be wise to join the Blast ecosystem before it explodes during the next bull run – and buying BlastUP ($BLP) on pre-sale is the perfect opportunity. It’s no wonder that over 15,000 pre-sale investors have already bought $6.5 million worth of $BLP.

Reason #2: BlastUP has a working product

Crypto investors are advised to always check if a project has at least a working MVP before joining its pre-sale. Impressively, BlastUP’s launchpad is already live and hosting its second IDO. It’s very rare for a dApp, particularly a launchpad, to have a working product on mainnet before its own token sale is finished.

The first IDO, $CYBRO, was 100% sold out, and the second one, $PETOBOTS, is expected to sell out equally quickly. This is solid proof of market demand for the BlastUP product.

Reason #3: BlastUP earned a stellar 87.42 score from CertiK

BlastUP passed a security audit and formal verification by CertiK, one of the most respected Web3 security firms. The project received a very high rating of 87.42 points, which puts it among the top 10% of projects on the Certik list – higher than Chainlink, Worldcoin, and Stellar.

BlastUP scored 93.55 in the Code section and 96.34 in the Operational section, underlining the high security of its smart contracts. The project also passed a KYC verification by Assure DeFi.

Reason #4: $BLP has excellent utility

$BLP holders will get access to all IDOs on the BlastUP launchpad, with individual allocations sized according to one’s $BLP balance. This means privileged access to all the most promising tokens in the Blast ecosystem at the lowest prices.

On top of that, $BLP buyers receive Booster Points, which make them eligible for BlastBox raffles – weekly giveaways of lootboxes containing valuable NFTs and cryptocurrency.

BlastUp is also planning an airdrop, where each user’s allocation of free $BLP tokens will depend on the balance of Booster Points. Once again, buying $BLP is the best way to accumulate these points.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, $BLP holders will also be able to stake their tokens and earn rewards.

Reason #5: you can still buy $BLP at $0.065 with Visa & Mastercard, as well as crypto

The BlastUP pre-sale is now in Stage 7/10, and the price per one $BLP token is still low: only $0.065. In Stage 8, it will increase to $0.07, so potential investors should hurry up.

Luckily, many payment methods are accepted, making $BLP purchases very easy – you don’t even need to hold any crypto on the Blast chain:

  • USD with Visa and Mastercard;
  • USDT on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon;
  • USDB (the main stablecoin on Blast);
  • ETH on Ethereum and Blast;
  • BNB;
  • MATIC.

With $6.5 million raised up to date, the success of the $BLP token sale speaks for itself: BlastUp is shaping up to become one of the key projects in the Blast ecosystem. Don’t miss your chance to get $BLP at this low price: join the pre-sale on the official website.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.