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Blockchain Summit Global 2020 Will Take Place On September 3-4

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Blockchain Summit Global

Since 2018, we have held the Blockchain Summit event in Montevideo every September with a great call and very prominent speakers. The 3rd Edition has touched us in times of pandemic … and has made us redouble our creativity, our passion and our enthusiasm.

And in addition to many new features, there has been a fantastic evolution. Our event has become mainly VIRTUAL, also adding a face-to-face modality that will be out of series and will include an updated health protocol.

We are also showing a “rebranding” that is part of our evolution. Now Blockchain Summit UY is… BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT GLOBAL. With great ambition and vocation, the 3rd Edition 2020 will be a global event.

We can already confirm that on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 of September 2020 for the 3rd year in a row, from a leading TV studio, we will be presenting an incredible agenda with world-class SPEAKERS who will give fantastic conferences, unique workshops and will make up incredible panels.

Blockchain will be the big issue and will function as a trigger, also adding all the associated technologies that are generating current use cases, innovation and evolution, on a direct path to the 4.0 Revolution.

During the event they will talk to us about DEFI, FINTECH, CYBERSECURITY, STABLECOINS and also about the LEGAL support of Blockchain initiatives. We will have the main platforms, launch of new versions, active Mining projects, and a lot of action in relation to the main cryptocurrencies, their price and opportunities from the perspective of the most prominent traders. It will be an opportunity to listen to keynote presentations on developments, innovations, legislation, public policies, real use cases and real success stories.

This year we have planned to hold the event in a leading TV studio, from where we will transmit in an agile way to everyone. Participants will be able to “network” in virtual meeting rooms and participate in AMA (Ask me Anything) sessions with the main speakers. Attendance in face-to-face mode will be limited to the seating capacity of the TV Studio, and will have the participation of some Local speakers as well as special guests, with a catering service included, all within the framework of the current health protocol. (Subject to approval on starting date due the pandemia.)

They will present more than 40 inspired Speakers!

Below we highlight some international Keynotes:

  • Dr. Ian Gauci from Malta who will present on Smart Contracts,
  • Heather Flannery CEO of ConsenSys Health alongside
  • David Koepsell, JD, PhD, General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & Latin America Market from USA who will present in a “fireside chat” mode on the topic of Blockchain in Health.
  • María Salgado Iturrino – Blockchain Manager in IECISA | gfi Group of Spain, with Blockchain for Business.
  • Federico Ast, Ph.D. from Argentina – Entrepreneur in Blockchain & Legaltech – Professor at Coursera … on Legal topics.
  • Amiti Uttarwar from USA -. First Confirmed Female Bitcoin Core Developer … about Bitcoin and women in the tech world.
  • Alberto G. Toribio – Technology & Innovation Specialist from Spain will present on DEFI
  • Dale Chrystie from USA – Blockchain Strategist at FedEx to present on Supply Chain
  • Elian Huesca – Decred Latam – de México – Consultant, advocate & speaker of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Fintech. Chevening Scholar 2016. He will speak on Governance.
  • Cecilia Chapiro from USA – Investment Adviser & Blockchain Portfolio Manager at UNICEF | Ventures, with success stories in humanitarian projects.
  • Lana Kalashnyk from USA – Blockchain Partner Technology Lead, PSA – Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services
  • Carol Lago García from Spain – Senior Manager | IT Consulting and Innovation | Blockchain Lab – Grant Thornton Spain. With CBDC topics and Blockchain Application in Payment Systems.
  • Marta Piekarska-Geater from UK – Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger – Use cases with Hyperledger.
  • Andrei Semenov from USA – Coke One North America – Director of Innovation – Supply Chain – Success story: “Leading Blockchain innovation and transformation for Coca-Cola bottling organizations”.
  • Stani Kulechov from Finland – Founder and CEO at AAVE / FinTech & Blockchain / with theme DEFI – Blockchain on Decentralized Lending.
  • Jaime Miller President of Uruguay XXI will open the event on Thursday 3
  • Diego Labat President of Banco Central del Uruguay will open with his presentation on Friday 4.

… and other fantastic Uruguayan speakers and from our main sponsors, such as IBM, Microsoft and Grant Thornton that we will confirm next days.

There will be panels, conferences and workshops.


• DeFi
• Exchange
• Crypto mining
• The future of blockchain and the crypto-industry
• Legal
• Financial system & blockchain
• Communication & blockchain
• Education in blockchain
• How to generate eco-systems in blockchain
• Challenges in blockchain adoption


• Hyperledger Fabric: Ricardo Ruano
• Ethereum: Alejandro Santander
• Ethereum: Felipe Faraggi
• IOTA: Daniel De Michele
• IBM Cloud

We are working hard to achieve an event of great excellence again, with the challenge of a global, agile and professional transmission.

And we want you to join us with your support!

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Save the Date! Thursday 3 and Friday 4 of September 2020.

Thank you very much!

Marcelo Montoro
Event Manger
Mobile: +598 96 202466