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Blockchain Data Analysts are Stacking This Lesser-Known AI Crypto – What Does it Do?

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 2 min read
AI crypto
AI crypto yPredict will offer users trading insights through predictive analytics and machine learning models. Image by Lucky Ai, Adobe Stock.

Crypto markets can be an emotional rollercoaster. Prone to extremes of both fear and greed, retail traders often find themselves succumbing to psychological biases that distort rational decision-making. FOMO (fear of missing out) can compel traders to jump into “hot” coins at precisely the wrong time. And the reflexive urge to panic sell at the first sign of a dip frequently locks in losses.

These issues highlight the need for cold, hard data to cut through all the noise. Herein lies the promise of artificial intelligence in crypto investing. By crunching vast amounts of information and detecting subtle patterns, predictive AI has the potential to minimize human error and equip traders with an analytical edge.

One project planning to democratize AI for crypto investors is yPredict, which is currently running a presale campaign that managed to raise $5.5 million so far.

Visit yPredict Here

AI Crypto Bringing Institutional-Grade Price Predictions to Retail Investors

Built on Polygon, yPredict offers users AI-powered trading signals, predictive analytics, and other trading tools to enhance investing outcomes.

A prediction marketplace where data scientists can monetize custom models is the core offering of yPredict, which will provide retail crypto investors with institutional-grade insights. yPredict will also feature an AI section with free price predictions for major cryptocurrencies, allowing users a glimpse of the platform’s capabilities before subscribing to premium services.

To access yPredict’s functionality, the project has its utility token called YPRED. Data scientists will earn YPRED when investors use their models, creating a symbiotic ecosystem. YPRED holders will further benefit from staking rewards of up to 45% per quarter, offering token holders a passive income route while supporting the network.

Surging Crypto Presale Demand from Investors

YPRED has seen its presale value increase consistently during its multi-stage presale, reflecting strong investor interest. The token price now sits at $0.11 ahead of public exchange listings in Q1 2024. The presale has already hit $5.5 million out of a $6.5 million hard cap.

YPRED’s presale progress has accelerated thanks to perks like early prototype access for buyers. 80% of the total supply is allocated to presale participants, creating a relatively fair starting point.

The team also recently launched a waitlisted beta platform with over 20,000 signups. This has allowed the community to demo yPredict’s offerings before the full launch. Based on the beta feedback, industry experts such as Jacob “Crypto” Bury predict exchange listings could drive further price appreciation as new users enter the ecosystem.

An Emerging Player in the AI Crypto Niche

As blockchain projects increasingly integrate AI, coins like YPRED are carving out a strategic market niche. Within this niche, yPredict stands out for its focus on predictive analytics and trading solutions. The platform’s seasoned team combines expertise across AI, fintech, and crypto.

With presale support already reaching over $5.5 million, yPredict has secured funding to keep improving its platform and AI models over time. As investors increasingly seek an analytical edge in volatile crypto markets, signs point to a potential sustained long-term growth for yPredict.

Visit yPredict Here