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BlastUP raises $6M on pre-sale, gets an 87.40 audit score from CertiK – higher than Chainlink and Worldcoin

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

With $6 million raised to date and a place in the top 30 of the projects with the best security audit score, BlastUP has cemented its status as one of the biggest successes in the rollup space. Investors still have a few days to buy $BLP tokens with a bank card at $0.06 per token before the price jumps to $0.065. 

The importance of security audits for pre-launch projects – the example of BlastUP

What are the key factors when choosing which tokens to buy on pre-sale? Having a working product is definitely an advantage, as well as incentives for holders, such as airdrops and staking rewards. Investors should also consider the potential of the ecosystem as a whole and the size of the project’s community. However, there is one aspect that many pre-sale investors often neglect but that is extremely important: security audits.

A project that passes a security audit at the pre-sale stage or earlier demonstrates its commitment and responsibility to investors. And vice versa: if a project is selling tokens and doesn’t have an audit report, it should be a red flag.

A great case in point is BlastUP, one of the first launchpads on Blast L2 – the first Ethereum rollup to reach $1 billion in TVL in just 35 days. It is still in Stage 6 (out of 10) of its pre-sale, yet it’s already passed two security audits, including one by Certik – one of the best-known blockchain security firms.

What’s more, BlastUP has achieved an extremely high security score: 87.40 (AA), which puts it in the top 10% of projects audited by CertiK. In particular, it has scored 93.55 in the Code category and 96.33 in the Operational category.

BlastUP’s audit score puts it at the same level as Ondo Finance and higher than Ethena ($ENA), Chainlink ($LINK), Worldcoin ($WLD), and Frax.

Just as importantly, the $BLP smart contract has also passed formal verification – a strict procedure based on mathematical proofs, which establishes that a contract’s functions match its formal specifications and that it will behave as expected under all possible circumstances.

Apart from CertiK, BlastUP has also passed a KYC verification by AssureDeFi, which covered the project’s treasury, liquidity, and contract.

Live product and exclusive allocations for $BLP holders – the reasons to join BlastUP

Not only has BlastUP passed two security audits, but it already has a working launchpad dApp. The launchpad has hosted one successful IDO so far (CYBRO project), with a second one scheduled for May 2024. It is rare for a launchpad to have a functioning dApp and host pre-sales while still in the fundraising stage – yet another assurance for the BlastUP $BLP investors.

As the Blast ecosystem expands, BlastUP will become the biggest space for Blast-based IDOs – the platform where thousands of users buy tokens of promising new projects at the best pre-listing prices. $BLP holders will get guaranteed allocations for all future pre-sales – this alone is a good enough reason to hold $BLP.

There are more reasons to buy $BLP on the pre-sale:

  1. Blastboxes: every week BlastUP distributes lootboxes that contain valuable prizes, such as Tier-1 NFTs and cryptocurrency.
  2. Staking rewards for $BLP holders;
  3. Airdrops and special giveaways.

Only 17 days left to buy $BLP at $0.06 – act fast

The $BLP pre-sale has been one of the most successful of 2024, raising $6 million up to date. Investors still have a chance to snap up $BLP at the special Stage 6 price of $0.06 per token, but soon Stage 7 will start and the price will increase by 8% to $0.065.

You can buy $BLP with a bank card (Visa or MasterCard), as well as with USDT and other cryptocurrency on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Blast. The buying process is smooth and easy enough even for complete beginners.

The Blast ecosystem is showing great promise, with over $2.6 billion in TVL and almost 500,000 active addresses. As hundreds of new projects are built on Blast, many of them will hold IDOs on BlastUP, generating benefits for $BLP holders.

Participate in the $BLP pre-sale on the official BlastUP website

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.