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BlastUP raises $6.5 million, is set to become one of the biggest projects on Blast – the main competitor to Base blockchain

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

BlastUP ($BLP)  launchpad on Blast is ranked higher by CertiK than Klaytn and SushiSwap, and it’s already raised $6.5 million on pre-sale, which ends on May 31. Here’s why security experts and investors alike are so impressed by this project. 

$BLP is on the way to become one of the biggest token pre-sales of 2024

The presale of BlastUP is only in Stage 7 out of 10, and yet it has already raised $6.5 million from over 15,000 investors. By the end of Stage 10, $BLP sales could well top $10 million. This makes the BlastUp launchpad one of the most successful pre-launch projects in the L2 space.

Right now, it’s still possible to buy $BLP at $0.065, but the tokens allocated for Stage 7 are selling out quickly. In Stage 8, the price will go up to $0.07 – still very attractive compared to the prices in later stages. The pre-sale will end on May 31, so investors should hurry.

You can even buy $BLP with a bank card (MasterCard or Visa), as well as with cryptocurrency on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Blast. USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, and USDB are accepted.

This guarantees a smooth and easy token purchasing process. Although BlastUp’s dApp runs on the Blast blockchain, pre-sale investors don’t need to hold any ETH on Blast – it’s enough to connect with an EVM wallet.

Why L2 experts are excited about BlastUP and $BLP

There are several key reasons behind such an intense interest in BlastUP and its launchpad on the Blast L2 blockchain.

Most importantly, there is strong market demand for the product. The Blast ecosystem is growing at an explosive speed, and it needs a powerful platform for token offerings. BlastUP is the first launchpad on Blast with a working product: it’s already hosted two IDOs ($CYBRO and $PETOBOTS), both of which were 100% sold out.

  • The second reason is the excitement around Blast itself. It’s the first Ethereum rollup with native yield for ETH and stablecoins, and it took only 35 days to accumulate $1 billion in TVL. Only three months after launch, Blast is a top-10 blockchain with about the same TVL as Base and over 100 projects building on it.

Entering this ecosystem right now can create a great advantage – and BlastUP is one of the very few projects on Blast that are running an active pre-sale and at the same time have a live product.

The third reason is that holding BlastUP’s $BLP tokens is associated with numerous benefits:

  • Guaranteed allocations in all future IDOs on BlastUP – meaning access to the best projects on Blast at the lowest prices. This is the main source of $BLP utility.
  • Booster Points, which make their holder eligible for raffles, airdrops, and other perks. For example, when spending 200 USDT to buy $BLP, you’ll receive 1,200 Booster Points. The weekly BlastBox raffles are a chance to win Tier-1 NFTs and cryptocurrency.
  • Rewards for staking $BLP.

BlastUP scores 87.40 points in CertiK audit – above 90% of projects

Security is another important factor that makes BlastUP so attractive to pre-sale investors. The project has passed a smart contract audit by CertiK with an exceptional score of 87.40 points. It landed among the 10% of projects on CertiK’s security leaderboard – higher than Klaytn, SushiSwap, Compound, and Pendle.

CertiK audited both the $BLP token contract and the pre-sale contract, awarding the code an impressive 93.55 rating. BlastUP has also passed a rigorous KYC verification procedure by Assure DeFi.

In conclusion: 5 reasons why you should look into $BLP today

To summarize, BlastUp has all the features that experienced pre-sale investors look for in a project:

  1. a working project with real traction (2 successful IDOs on the launchpad);
  2. Clear demand for tokens ($6.5 million raised already);
  3. proven security (top score by CertiK);
  4. multiple utility streams (IDO allocations, BlastBox raffles etc.);
  5. easy ways to buy tokens (bank card or crypto).


Join 15,000 $BLP holders – take part in the BlastUP $BLP IDO before the token price goes up again

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.