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BlastUp Launchpad Set to Revolutionize Early-Stage Project Funding

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 3 min read

BlastUP ($BLP) is a popular launchpad that aims to redefine how new projects raise money. The platform provides a decentralized and safe environment that helps both project teams and investors. It’s the first community-backed launchpad for new projects within the Blast ecosystem.

The platform recently launched a presale for its native $BLP tokens and raised nearly $6 million in just a few weeks, showing strong community interest and support.

Leading the Way in Layer-2 Innovation and DeFi Growth

Blast is a Layer-2 network, which means it is built on top of Ethereum. It aims to make transactions faster and cheaper while ensuring high scalability.

The platform has become quite popular since it launched and is now the sixth-largest chain by the total value locked in decentralized applications (dAppTVL) and the second-largest Layer-2 by TVL.

BlastUp presale

In fact, Blast is the first Layer-2 chain to reach 1 billion TVL in just 35 days and the first to offer native yields of 4% on ETH and 5% on stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI.

These high yields have attracted more people to create new dApps and projects on Blast. Because Blast has such an active community, it has become a popular place for new DeFi projects. The BlastUP launchpad platform was launched to help support these new projects within the Blast ecosystem.

Empowering New Projects and Rewarding Investors

BlastUP allows new projects to launch easily on its portal by connecting those creating the projects with those who want to invest in them. It carefully checks and evaluates each project and keeps an eye on the performance even after launch to avoid any potential scams.

They also help new projects prepare their documents and develop a tokenomics model to help them raise funds.

It’s worth noting that BlastUp has been audited by Certik and got a grade of ‘A’ and a high score of 82+. This means the project is in the top 10% of projects on Certik’s list. Moreover, another reputed company called Assure DeFi has also approved BlastUP’s identity checks.

The first version of the launchpad is already live and has successfully completed its first Initial DEX Offering (IDO). A project called Cybro raised $140,000 in its presale, which was exclusively available only for $BLP token holders.

BlastUp working mechanism

Thus, $BLP actually offers utility and is central to the BlastUP platform. If you hold $BLP, you can get access to special IDO launches and earn rewards for staking your tokens.

When you stake your $BLP tokens for 3, 6, or 12 months, you can earn rewards and get guaranteed spots in BlastUP IDOs.

The amount you stake determines your IDO tier and how many tokens you can get, with 6 tiers ranging from 2000 to 100,000 $BLP. Staking helps you grow your $BLP holdings and get first access to new projects.

BlastUP also has a special system that uses some of the money raised from IDOs to buy back $BLP tokens, which can help make the token more valuable over time.

Earning Rewards and Unlocking Prizes with Booster Points

People who support the project can earn ‘Booster Points’ by inviting others to join through the BlastUP referral program. You can earn Booster Points by participating in the $BLP presale, referring friends, doing tasks in the Community Incentives Program, and more.

If you have 1000 or more Booster Points, you can enter raffles to win Blastboxes. Booster Points will also be used for special giveaways of $BLP and tokens from partner projects.

Blastboxes are like treasure chests with prizes inside, such as NFTs, ETH/USDB, and Booster Points. They come in Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels, with higher levels having better prizes. 7 boxes (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze) are given away each week until the $BLP presale ends.


Moreover, BlastUp has exciting plans for the future, like starting staking programs, creating an NFT collection, and using AI to help choose the best IDOs.

The ongoing presale will end on 31 May, or when all 200 million tokens are sold. Early buyers can get $BLP for just $0.06 at press time. However, this price will increase to $0.065 in the next stage.

More than 111 million tokens have already been sold and the platform is nearing its $6 milestone at the time of writing, showing strong community trust.

Interested buyers can follow BlastUp on X (formerly Twitter) and join its Telegram channel for the latest presale updates.

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