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BlastUP launchpad secures $6 million on pre-sale, could do better than VELO and ONDO in Q3

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

BlastUP ($BLP) on Blast L2 has just smashed the $6 million pre-sale milestone. Why are experts so excited about this launchpad – and how to maximize your chances to get the airdrop?

$6,000,000 raised and 15,000 $BLP holders already

KuCoin has named BlastUP among the most important projects on the Blast blockchain, along with dApps with hundreds of millions of dollars in TVL like Juice Finance and Orbit. Why did this launchpad make the list even before the completion of its token pre-sale – which has already attracted $6 million from over 15,000 pre-sale investors?

First of all, BlastUP is the first launchpad on Blast, the hottest new Ethereum rollup of 2024. In just 35 days after launch, Blast reached $1 billion in TVL – something that took Base eight months to achieve. As more and more projects join the Blast ecosystem, they will need a reliable launchpad for their token offerings – and BlastUP will be the natural choice.

In fact, BlastUP has already hosted one IDO – that of $CYBRO – and is about to host the second one, $PETOBOTS. This way, $BLP investors can be sure that BlastUP has proven its product-market fit – an important factor when buying tokens on a pre-sale.

$BLP token utility: IDO allocations, raffles, staking, and more

What about $BLP utility for the pre-sale investors, though? Here, too, BlastUP stands out:

  • $BLP holders get guaranteed allocations in all IDOs on the platform according to a 6-tier system (the more $BLP one owns, the bigger the allocation);
  • Each $BLP purchase also results in Booster Points – which, in turn, make holders eligible for the future airdrop and for the BlastBox raffles;
  • $BLP holders will also be able to stake their tokens for rewards.

BlastBoxes are worth a special mention: these are lootboxes that contain high-value NFTs and cryptocurrency and are distributed on a weekly basis. To be eligible, a user needs to hold at least 2,000 Booster Points – and the best way to get these points is by buying $BLP, as well as by inviting new users via one’s referral link. This is yet another reason to participate in the $BLP pre-sale.

BlastUp is in the top 10% projects audited by CertiK

Another crucial factor to look at is security. BlastUP is easily the leader in the Blast ecosystem with an extremely high security score from CertiK: 87.40. This is higher than some projects with billion-dollar market caps and puts BlastUP in the top 10% of startups audited by CertiK (one of the best-known blockchain security firms).

To top it off, the BlastUP team also passed a KYC verification by Assure DeFi, which confirmed its Tier-1 status.

Only a few days left to secure your $BLP at $0.06

BlastUP is not stopping at $6 million – as the pre-sale is still only in Stage 6 out of 10, the final result can be much higher. However, potential buyers shouldn’t wait till the end of the pre-sale, as the price of $BLP increases with each new stage.

Investors still have a few days to buy $BLP at $0.06 per token, after which the price will go up to $0.065. You can buy $BLP with a bank card (Visa or MasterCard) or with cryptocurrency:

  • ETH or USDT on Ethereum;
  • ETH or USDB on Blast (BlastUP features a bridge for transferring ETH to Blast);
  • BNB or USDT on BNB Chain;
  • MATIC or USDT on Polygon.

Don’t miss the chance to join BlastUP – the leading launchpad in the fastest-growing rollup ecosystem – and secure future allocations in the most promising IDOs on Blast.


Buy $BLP and learn more about BlastUP on the official website

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.