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BlastUP Launchpad L2 Project Closing in on $6 Million Raised Via Presale

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 3 min read
BlastUp presale

BlastUP ($BLP) is a community-backed and trusted launchpad, connecting users to early-stage and new projects on the Blast ecosystem. The platform lets users bridge ETH from Ethereum to the Blast blockchain and offers native yield for ETH and other stablecoins.

In only a couple of months, the BlastUP presale has raised nearly $6 million through its presale.

BlastUP – A Growing Layer 2 Project on Ethereum 

BlastUP is based on the Blast blockchain, the first layer-2 chain to reach a $1 billion TVL (Total Value Locked) in just 35 days. After its launch in 2024, Blast has cemented itself as the sixth-largest blockchain and the second-largest L2 network by TVL.

BlastUP, an Ethereum-based L2 project, is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency landscape. It enables the creation of DApps (Decentralized Applications), a feat not possible on other L2 solutions. What sets BlastUP apart is its status as the first layer-two solution to offer a native yield on various stablecoins and ETH, a testament to its innovation and potential for developers.

You can earn up to a 4% APY (Annual percentage yield) on ETH and up to 4% on stablecoins such as USDT, DAI, and USDC. Post the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, ETH yield for L1 staking is directly transferred to users via rebasing ETH on L2.

With the recent launch of the BlastUP app, users can simply bridge ETH from Ethereum to Blast and even purchase ETH with a Credit card.

BlastUP Launchpad – Access Early-Stage Projects on Blast

The BlastUP ecosystem connects users with early-stage and new projects developed on the Blast blockchain. To evaluate the potential of all upcoming projects, BlastUP conducts a project screening round. This ensures that only the projects with the highest quality are made public.

BlastUP features

In the future, BlastUP will implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) screening to strengthen the process. Another tool of the Launchpad is a ‘Launchpad Accelerator’, which helps each project prepare proper tokenomics and documentation. This helps ensure that the projects can raise the necessary funding for development purposes.

The BlastUP project has been audited by Certik and KYC verified by Assure DeFi.

$BLP Token – Get Staking Yield and Access to NFTs

At the center of the BlastUP ecosystem is its native token, $BLP. One of the main use cases of $BLP is its staking mechanism. Staked token holders can earn interest and get exclusive loyalty points and rewards by participating in new IDOs.

BlastUP offers six staking tiers on its ecosystem. The more tokens you stake, the higher your tier. Notably, BlastUp receives an allocation of token sales for new projects launched on the launchpad.

BlastUP staking tiers

A portion of this is offered to the staking tiers. While 20% is offered to the bottom three tiers, the top three tiers earn 80% of the rewards. To be a part of the top three staking tiers, $BLP token holders must stake between 20,000 to 100,000 $BLP tokens in the ecosystem.

One can also earn ‘Booster Points’ on BlastUp, a new token. You can earn these points by purchasing $BLP tokens, taking part in community incentive programs, and participating in various BlastUP activities.

For every 1,000 Booster Points, you get to open a Blastbox. The items in this box range from exclusive Tier-one NFTs to ETH tokens and additional Booster points.

BlastUP Presale – Nearly $6 Million Raised

Due to all the use cases $BLP offers, the token has been soaring ever since its presale launch. From a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 200 million are being allocated for the presale.

The BlastUP presale will consist of ten rounds, with the $BLP price increasing in each round. At the time of writing, $BLP is priced at just $0.06 per token. For the next stage, the price will jump by 8% to $0.065 per token.

BlastUP presale

In only a few months, the BlastUP presale has raised more than $5.9 million. Once the presale ends, a further 50 million tokens will be distributed through airdrops and rewards. 100 million tokens will be offered through the staking platforms.

To stay updated with this cryptocurrency, join the BlastUp Telegram channel and follow the project on X (Formerly Twitter).

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