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BlastUP Blasts Past the $5.9 Million Mark in its Ongoing Presale. Will it Explode?

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

BlastUP Presale Blasts Past the $5.9 million Mark

Arriving as one of the most innovative crypto projects of this year, BlastUP has blasted past the $5.9  million mark in its ongoing presale.

With the presale inching closer to raising $6 million, it is becoming more likely that $BLP will have an explosive reception once it goes live on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is the reason behind our optimistic view of this platform? What exactly has BlastUP done in this overcrowded crypto arena?

Blasting Through the Existing Limitations to IDOs, BlastUP aims to Create Inclusivity

The crypto community is once again calling for more innovation. Tired of the same spur-of-the-moment meme coins that offer only short-term profits, crypto enthusiasts now want something utility-focused.

While there are several innovators within the community trying to make it happen, the limitations to designing inclusive tokenomics and the inexperience in launching successful IDOs are not letting the projects see the light of day.

BlastUP Launchpad

BlastUP is offering developers a guiding hand via the BlastUP launchpad. Offering unique launchpad accelerator programs that take care of everything from the whitepaper to tokenomics, BlastUP is a crypto launch game changer that gives developers the optimal springboard to let their projects shine.

The latest example is Petobox, which is about to arrive on the BlastUP launchpad on May 15th, 2024, allowing investors to capitalize on early-moving gains.

But developers will not be the only ones who profit from BlastUP; investors, too, will find it an optimal option for monitoring the latest and safest IDOs.

Beyond this support for early-stage start-ups, however, BlastUP is working on plans to create a unique IDO Farming feature that will redefine how people perceive staking.

IDO Farming – The Safest Way to Earn Passively from IDOs

Researching takes time, and if it takes too long, investors may lose out on profits.

BlastUP is changing the way people invest in IDOs by creating a comprehensive platform that lets investors stake their tokens in multiple high-potential IDOs simultaneously.

Users can choose between $BLP, ETH, WETH, and USDB to participate in BlastUP’s Stake and Earn program. This program is inclusive and equipped with features like auto-subscribe.

With the auto-subscribe feature turned on, investors will find their assets staked automatically in the best IDO pools. Once the staking period is over, these holders can decide how they want to receive the yield.

With it, advanced perks like portfolio optimization become accessible, allowing investors to create better investment strategies.

These benefits, however, are only accessible to BlastUP token holders. This will also allow holders to participate in tiered 100 launches on the BlastUP ecosystem and profit from the platform’s buy-back mechanism.

From Booster Points to BlastBoxes, BlastUP Takes Engagement to the Next Level

BlastUP has taken a hands-on approach to engagement, helping the community participate in positive conversations about the crypto markets and earning from BlastUP activities and partner projects.

Buying BLP tokens, whether from the presale or after, will allow investors to earn Booster points. With at least 1000 booster points in hand, holders can earn a Blastbox.


Available in three tiers and distributed randomly, these Blastboxes are packed with surprises consisting of NFTs, cryptos, and more booster points.


Blastbox Bronze contains USDB and booster points, and Blastbox Silver also contains Tier 2 NFTs. With Blastbox Gold, however, winners gain a tier 1 NFT in addition to booster points and USD Bancor tokens.

Early participants of this project will also gain access to airdrops. They will be allocated to early Blast users who transferred ETH or uSDT through the Blast bridge, $BLP presale participants, and the participants in the BlastUP community incentives program.

Roadmap – AI Start-Up Team Tools, Learn to Earn, OTC Marketplace

BlastUp’s current presale and marketing match its ambitions. After the token generation event in Q2 2024, the project will launch the Yield Staking Program and the $BLP Staking Program while rewarding an airdrop, launching a buy/swap/bridge mechanic, and its own NFT collection.

Stake and Earn will go live by the third quarter of this year, followed by EasyMint functionality, the introduction of BlastUp Shield, and the consolidation of the incubation program.

BlastUP plans to launch its AI-driven IDO screener in the last quarter of this year. It will also establish a community marketplace for BLP holders and launch farming and liquidity pools to start IDO farming.

2025 will introduce the simplification of new launches with EasyLaunch and EasyVesting. A LotteryHub is also planned to keep things interesting, and a Learn-to-Earn program will be initiated to make learning about crypto IDOs worthwhile.

That year, we will also see the release of a ChatGPT-esque feature known as AI IDO helper, followed by AI tools for crypto startups. By 2026, BlastUP will consolidate its footing on the crypto market with its own market maker, venture investment firm, launchpad assistant, and OTC marketplace.

Visionary Crypto Enthusiasts Should Take Notice of BlastUP

BlastUP’s recent milestone success shows that the project is more than the standard crypto assets crowding the ICO space. The project has already established a strong community on Twitter, with over 37,000 followers to date and more coming.

Add to that the discount price at which the BLP token is available, $0.065, BlastUP is a steal for visionary cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This AI crypto project is laying the groundwork for upcoming web3 applications. By the time the incubator program arrives, the blockchain ecosystem will be stronger, making BLP one of the leading tokens on the market.

Therefore, those looking for a project that offers more than just early bird gains, visit and participate in the ongoing presale.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.