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Black Friday Trezor Sale: Crypto Security Now at a Discount

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Good crypto security does not have a price—ask anyone who has risked their funds by using bad security practices and they’ll tell you the same thing. But it is still possible to snatch a discount even on priceless things: accessories for hardware wallets are getting a 20% discount on Trezor this Black Friday. 

What Is (And Isn’t) On Sale? 

The keen eye will probably already have noticed that we said that accessories for hardware wallets are on sale during the Black Friday period. It’s true: you can get lanyards, cables, silicone cases, privacy glass protectors, and cryptosteel capsules for 20% lower than usual on the Trezor shop between November 22nd and 29th. Most notably, cryptosteel capsules (and cassettes and cryptotags) will help you keep your recovery seeds safer than anywhere else. These pocket-sized backup tools are extremely durable and will keep your sensitive data protected from even the worst conditions. This can make them kind of pricey, so getting 20% off of their original price is an opportunity not to be missed. 

On the other hand, hardware wallets are notably not on sale during the promotional period. Trezor has a very good reason for this decision: there is a global chip shortage affecting crypto hardware wallets, which will make it difficult for them to meet current demands that keep increasing at a steady pace. The predicted end of the shortage is only in 2023, so “the challenge now is to plan for ever-growing interest in self-custody and be ready to provide new users with access to security even as chips and other goods are hit by further supply disruption,” the Trezor team explains. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t preorder a wallet through their shop. You can place a reserve order on the Model T to secure a 13% discount, which will ship within three months, as long as you’re not in a terrible hurry.  

Why Should I Buy Trezor Products? 

Trezor is a leading name in the cryptocurrency industry when it comes to safety and hardware wallets, with very few direct competitors. Additionally, to help you choose the product you need—or maybe don’t even know you need—we have assembled a list of guides and reviews we’ve made, where you can find all the pertinent details. 

First, the Model T: as we said, it’s available for a reserve order at a 13% discount. But did you know that it supports more than 1,650 coins and tokens? It also has advanced security measures, a touchscreen for improved accessibility, and mobile connectivity that lets you make payments with your phone by plugging the device into your phone. For tech savvy users, Trezor offers extra features like passwordless login, self-destruct PINs, universal 2nd-factor authentication (U2F) and much more. Read more about the Trezor Model T here

You’ve also noticed the cryptotags on discount, as they fall under the accessories section. The Cryptotag Zeus is available for 20% off its original price, and this seed backup plate is a must-have for every serious hodler. It features titanium quality, is extremely easy to use, and non-reusable. This last thing may seem like a drawback, but it really isn’t: this guarantees that your info is completely secure and cannot be overwritten. Read more about the Cryptotag Zeus here

Don’t forget, the Black Friday promo period runs until the 29th of November, so you still have some time to snatch the best discount. Good luck!