19 Aug 2022 · 5 min read

Bitget, the Platform for Crypto Derivatives and Futures

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Founded in 2018, Bitget has established itself over the past few years as one of the leading platforms in the crypto derivatives market and is consistently ranked among the top platforms operating in the futures trading sector. Following the philosophy of "Better Trading, Better Life," Bitget aims to offer its users comprehensive and secure trading solutions, including integrating the spheres of decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi) as seamlessly as possible. 

Bitget's recognition as a significant player in the crypto sector continues to be strengthened, as evidenced by the conclusion of a number of major partnerships. In September 2021, Bitget announced the signing of a contract with world-renowned football team Juventus as its very first partner with a presence at matches and, after that, as the official crypto partner of the PGL Major e-sport. Further agreements were announced in early 2022, including with the e-sports organization Team Spirit and with Turkey's oldest and most prestigious football club, Galatasaray.

Bitget's flagship products

Over the years, Bitget has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering an innovative and solid product range so as to have as diverse an offering as possible to meet users' needs.

  • USDT Margin Futures:

In 2019, Bitget launched the industry's first USDT margined futures contract. To date, this product has around 20 features, and over 40 currencies are supported by the platform.

  • Coin-margined futures:

Launched in April 2021, this contract supports using multiple assets as a margin for multiple trading pairs, unlike the traditional method. Bitget has thus become the world's first trading platform to offer derivatives on one or more cryptocurrencies and as a margin to trade other cryptocurrencies.

  • Copy trading:

The history of the securities industry shows that with the development of the internet, investment transactions are gradually taking on a community feeling, an observation that led to the development of copy-trading. Novice users may indeed feel uncomfortable with the idea of making crypto investments. To remedy this problem, they can simply follow the strategies of professional traders in order to make a profit without worrying about falling victim to malicious individuals.

Bitget was the first exchange to launch "one-click copy-trade." It is one of the most popular products on the platform, with over 17,000 active professional traders to date and a trading volume of nearly USD 840 million. Traders have earned USD 100 million in total revenue, while copy-traders have collectively earned over USD 120 million.

The introduction of the Bitget Token (BGB) to support Bitget's growth

Bitget currently has users in 40 countries and plans to continue its expansion. This strategy is accompanied by numerous developments in tokenomics, in particular with the launch of the BGB token. The ERC-20 token is an exclusive utility token that allows users to access multiple functionalities through a single platform and a single token. The BGB can, of course, be used to receive discounts on transaction fees, but it is also a social token designed to enhance interactions between copy-traders and their fans.

Furthermore, with the BGB, Bitget created more than just a token. The idea was to design an instrument to connect the still fragmented world of cryptocurrencies by bridging the gaps between cross-chain technologies. This vision is driven by the belief that the cryptocurrency ecosystem should be simple, secure and accessible to every individual around the world. The BGB will help establish a transparent and dynamic Web3 ecosystem for community tokens, NFTs, DeFi applications, and more. BGB already allows blockchain users to trade from the platform directly with their wallets or to make cross-chain exchanges of any token or NFT.

The total supply of BGB is 2,000,000,000 units, of which 25% (500,000,000) have been used for the exchange of outstanding BFTs, and the remaining 75% (1,500,000,000) have been distributed as follows:

  • 15% used for community and user acquisition, with a maximum of 4% to be released each year;
  • 15% used for marketing efforts, including rewards and compensation for influencers, media and communities, with a maximum of 3% to be released each year;
  • 15% dedicated to the development of the Bitget ecosystem;
  • 20% for the core team, of which 2% will be released every 6 months and completed in 5 years (60 months);
  • 10% allocated to the investor protection fund, and the release will be based on the actual amount of payments after the launch of the user compensation plan. Potential compensation scenarios include cryptocurrency theft and margin call debt due to platform security issues.

Finally, Bitget regularly organizes promotional events and competitions for users. A referral campaign was recently launched that offers users the opportunity to receive up to 200 USDT in rewards by inviting their friends to join Bitget. For every friend you successfully refer, you will receive a bonus! Furthermore, with Bitget Buddy Bonus, users can earn up to 3,000 USDT and receive a 30% commission on each transaction made by one of their friends. This promotion will end on August 23.

A futures trading competition finished on August 17 with a prize of USDT 10,000. Participants were ranked according to trading volume and profit/loss ratio. As an additional bonus, 35 participants with trades over USD 10,000 got randomly selected to receive USD 100.

BGB Army is recruiting new members. Total prize pool: USD10,000 in tokens! Bitget sincerely invites you and your friends to join our BGB Army! Participate in the Trade to Earn, Join to Earn and Bonus Earnings to share the prize pool!

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📅 Event period: August 15, 21:00(UTC+8)- August 30, 21:00(UTC+8)

Event Details:
✅ Trade to Earn

Prize pool: USD5000 in tokens

Buy more than 150 USDT equivalent in BGB during the event period to share the prize pool!

✅ Join to Earn

Prize pool: USD3000 in tokens

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✅ Bonus Earnings

Prize pool: USD2000 in tokens

Become an eligible member (by holding more than 1000 BGB) in BGB Holders Group, and concurrently buy more than 150 USDT equivalent in BGB during the event period to share in the prize pool! 


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