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BitFlyer Plans to Unveil Common Blockchain Query Language ‘in a Year’

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Yuzo Kano, the founder and CEO of Japanese exchange platform BitFlyer, has explained that the company’s new technical advisor, Tom Love, will be tasked with creating a common blockchain query language.

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Query language refers to any computer programming language that requests and retrieves data from database and information systems by sending queries.

BitFlyer, says Kano, hopes to unveil its blockchain language “within a year,” and plans to apply it to a range of its blockchain offerings, including its private Miyabi platform, which allows 2,000 transactions per second. In comparison, Bitcoin blockchain can process up to 7 transactions per second. The language will also be made available for public use, per Kano.

Kano also stated that he hopes Love will also be of help in the company’s efforts to develop a language specially designed for smart contracts. However, Kano said the smart contract language was “low priority,” as rapidly developing virtual machine solutions may soon make smart contract building easier than ever – and that BitFlyer’s blockchain query language efforts was its principal focus.

Love is the co-developer of Objective-C, one of the application development languages used for for the Mac OS and iOS platforms. He was appointed last week, and recently announced, “There will be a plethora of innovations and disruptions in this space in the next few months and years.”