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Bitcoiniacs and CryptX Wallet Announce Partnership

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Bitcoiniacs CryptX

Bitcoiniacs, the world’s first bitcoin ATM company, has switched to CryptX Wallet as its operational Wallet.

Canadian-based Bitcoiniacs was naturally attracted to CryptX for the reduced blockchain fees its algorithm achieves.

This results in substantial savings for the crypto company, which first introduced bitcoin ATMs to the world in 2013. A coffee shop in Vancouver hosted their first ATM, making cryptos accessible to many more people. Christopher Concepcion, Bitcoiniacs CEO, noted that “digital assets are revolutionizing finance.”

“It is great for CryptX to be partnering with Bitcoiniancs, the world’s first Crypto ATM network. This cooperation will streamline Bitcoiniancs’ operations and business processes even further. CryptX Group is motivated to deliver high quality, cutting-edge and efficient products and services for our clients. CryptX can address general, as well as custom needs of various types of businesses like Crypto ATM networks, Crypto Casinos, Crypto E-commerce, Crypto Exchanges, etc.” said George Gvazava, CEO of CryptX Wallet.

“We are happy to onboard such a crypto leader as Bitcoiniacs to our platform” CryptX founder Joseph Bolkvadze remarked.

CryptX also provides custom blockchain software development through CryptX.com, operates over 40 crypto ATMs in Georgia and Ukraine, and offers an international crypto exchange service, Cryptal. Its latest product is the CryptX Terminal platform, featuring an array of arbitrage, speculative, and indicator bots for 24×7 trading across multiple exchanges.

Bitcoiniacs currently operates crypto ATMs throughout Canada and is in the process of expanding to the Philippines.

Fast Facts about CryptX Wallet:

  • Partnerships around the world
  • Supports 108 Coins with more to be added
  • 7 Blockchains

CryptX Wallet is a highly secure, crypto wallet service, ideal for businesses that transact in multiple cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.