Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Falls to $29,000 Support – What Happens Next?

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The recent decline of Bitcoin’s price to the $29,000 support level has left investors and enthusiasts concerned about the digital currency’s future trajectory. As the market tries to make sense of this downturn, various factors and expert opinions come into play to offer insight into what may lie ahead for Bitcoin. 

In this update, we will examine the key indicators affecting Bitcoin’s price and discuss potential outcomes for its performance in the near future. 

Mysterious $10 Million Ethereum Heist: How Did the Hacker Pull It Off?

A baffling $10 million hack has targeted advanced crypto users, leaving security experts puzzled. Taylor Monahan, ex-CEO and founder of Ethereum wallet manager MyCrypto, revealed that over 5,000 ETH, worth $10.4 million, was stolen since December. 

The alarming aspect is that the hack affected hardware wallet users who emphasized security. Monahan has been unraveling a large-scale wallet-draining operation targeting seasoned and secure crypto users. The nature of the attack is highly sophisticated, and the method remains unknown.

The impact on Bitcoin from such a sophisticated hack in the crypto space may vary. It can potentially raise concerns about the security of digital assets, leading to increased caution among investors and traders. 

This heightened sense of insecurity could result in a temporary decrease in market confidence, potentially causing the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to experience volatility or decline. 

However, as the crypto community continues to strengthen security measures and develop solutions, it is likely that the market would recover and regain stability over time.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin had been experiencing limited price movement, oscillating within a tight band between $30,200 and $30,500. However, during the US trading session, BTC surged to reach the $30,200 mark, which has shifted from a support to a resistance level.

If the price continues its bearish descent below the $29,700 level, it could further decrease the BTC value, possibly dropping to $29,189.

Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

Conversely, if there is a bullish crossover above the $29,750 level, the BTC price could potentially target the next resistance level of $30,700 or $31,000.

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