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Bitcoin Market Dominance Hits 2-Year High; InQubeta Presale Buzz Takes Over Social Platforms

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Bitcoin ($BTC) prices have surged substantially in the past four weeks, growing by over 32% with most of that growth occurring in the past week. The surge has benefited many top altcoins in the cryptocurrency space, including the new DeFi project InQubeta ($QUBE).

InQubeta plans to make it easier than it has ever been to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) by providing a hassle-free alternative to mainstream investment entities. It’s the ultimate highlight of how decentralized financial services can open up banking and investment opportunities to those who don’t have access to traditional mediums or prefer the increased privacy that comes with decentralized finance.

$BTC’s recent growth brings it closer to Standard Chartered’s predictions that prices will go over the $50,000 mark by the end of 2023 and exceed $120,000 in 2024.

Top altcoins to buy: InQubeta ($QUBE) buzz takes over crypto spaces on social platforms

TheInQubetapresale defied bearish cryptocurrency markets while $BTC prices were still struggling. The project has generated over $3.8 million in token sales so far as investors jump at the opportunity to be part of the artificial intelligence revolution.

Some of the factors that have made the InQubeta presale one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency space include:

1. Investor attitudes toward AI

The artificial intelligence industry has surpassed monumental milestones in the past decade as the technology’s viability increased exponentially. Investments in the space grew 10x from 2015 to 2022, rising from only $12 billion to over $120 billion.

The flow of money into the AI industry shows a growing number of investors are betting big on the technology. The AI rush is just getting started as over $1.5 trillion is expected to pour into the space by 2030. InQubeta’s DeFi approach to AI investments positions it to help direct a considerable portion of these funds to AI firms that need capital to innovate.

AI will likely be the next major tech breakthrough and it will create many opportunities for investors to earn massive returns as is always the case when new technologies are introduced.

2. An alternative to traditional investment mediums

Mainstream investment firms usually have a long list of requirements potential investors must possess to gain entry into the platform. For example, investors have to prove they’ve earned over $200,000 for at least two years to gain access to angel investment opportunities.

People who can’t meet the requirements of these firms have historically been shut out of investment opportunities, but InQubeta now gives them a way to bypass mainstream investment channels and get access to investment opportunities they’re interested in.

3. Strong tokenomics

The supply of $QUBE tokens is capped at 1.5 billion on the InQubeta blockchain and burn taxes reduce the circulating supply of tokens. These things combined promote long-term price growth so tokens could be worth a few dollars in the next couple of years as the project’s market capitalization grows. Investing in InQubeta may end up being as profitable as backing AI startups that revolutionize industries.

Bitcoin ($BTC) prices have surged 22% in the last seven days

$BTC prices have gone as high as $35,000 in the past week, the highest they’ve been since May 2022. Some analysts say the recent surge has brought an end to the crypto winter caused by the 2022 crash, but prices still have a long way to go to reclaim previous highs of $63,000 established in spring 2021.

Still, $BTC’s recent price growth is the most sizable bounce back it has had since prices crashed to $17,000 in late 2022.


$QUBE and $BTC are two of the best cryptos to buy right now as both are set for considerable growth. $QUBE prices will grow 3x during the remainder of the presale and some projections have prices multiplying 100x once launched on exchanges. $BTC will likely come close to reclaiming previous highs before the year ends and prices will likely break $100,000 in 2024.

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