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Bitcoin Film Festival and Plan ₿ Join Forces for “Bitcoin Film Festival: Plan ₿ ” – A Fusion of Cinema and Bitcoin Innovation

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29 September 2023 – The Bitcoin Film Festival and the Plan ₿ Forum have teamed up to produce “Bitcoin Film Festival: Plan ₿.” This cinematic experience will introduce audiences to a captivating lineup of documentaries and themed films, all centered around the transformative force that is Bitcoin. The festival will be hosted as part of the second inaugural Plan ₿ Forum, taking place from October 20-21, 2023.

The Bitcoin Film Festival at Plan ₿, which will be held on October 22, promises to offer a convergence of two worlds – the world of cinema and the world of Bitcoin. This unique event invites attendees to explore the multifaceted influence of Bitcoin, as it continues to reshape the global landscape, both socially and economically. The event is free and open to the public.

The festival will shine a spotlight on a diverse selection of films that dig deep into the heart of Bitcoin’s significance, shedding light on its impact on the global economy. These films will provide insights into the far-reaching implications of Bitcoin, offering a compelling perspective on how it is revolutionizing finance, communication, and personal freedom.

As part of the second annual Plan ₿ Forum, attendees will have the privilege of engaging with an exceptional lineup of speakers, many of whom are leading figures in the Bitcoin space. Notable speakers include Stella Assange, a passionate advocate for freedom of communication, and the renowned film producer Gabriel Shipton, celebrated for his influential work in cinema. Their participation will add depth and richness to the ongoing dialogue surrounding Bitcoin’s role in our society.

The Plan ₿ Forum, known for its commitment to tackling pressing issues, will provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions. Attendees can look forward to exploring crucial topics such as the disintermediation of finance, the accessibility of financial services, the challenges faced by unbanked individuals, and the evolving landscape of Bitcoin regulation.

“The collaboration between the Bitcoin Film Festival and Plan ₿ represents a union of creativity, innovation, and advocacy,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether. “By marrying the art of filmmaking with the transformative potential of Bitcoin, we have set out to inspire, educate, and empower attendees to envision the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology.”

For more information and updates, please visit https://bitcoinfilmfest.com/ and on social media [@filmfestbtc].

About Bitcoin Film Festival

The Bitcoin Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the power of storytelling through film, with a focus on the transformative impact of Bitcoin on society and the economy. Through compelling documentaries and themed films, the festival aims to educate, inspire, and provoke thought about the future of finance and personal freedom.

About Plan ₿ 

Lugano’s Plan ₿ is a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether to accelerate the use of and leverage bitcoin technology as the foundation to transform the city’s financial infrastructure.

The plan will scale blockchain and Bitcoin throughout the city to positively impact all facets of daily life for the residents of Lugano. From small transactions with local merchants to larger efforts – such as paying annual taxes – blockchain will serve as the foundation for the city’s financial exchanges.