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Bitcoin Aligo (ALG) ICO Launched – Decentralized Finance Meets Modern Business

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 3 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Bitcoin Aligo

Bitcoin Aligo is a new crypto project that combines the intricacies of blockchain technologies with the creativity of modern businesses through gamification. With this unique blend, it promises to create a new and improved way to interact with decentralized finance.

The project, defined on its official Twitter handle as a new concept of a “meme coin,” is bringing multiple use cases. They stem from blending reality NFTs, mining, and gaming.

Will it become the next big crypto of 2024?

Blending Bitcoin into Gaming

Bitcoin Aligo, also known as the ALIGO Coin (ALG), blends three of the most popular concepts in the blockchain space: NFTs, mining and P2E gaming.

Aligo Coin

NFTs add value as tradeable assets and gaming instruments; mining adds fairness, and P2E gaming enhances interactivity.

Blending these attributes creates a unique gamified DeFi ecosystem, maximizing the potential for more participation.

With tasks like mining, NFTs, and games working together within the ecosystem, Bitcoin Aligo envisions a world in which “real world can be incorporated into games. ”

Enter the Reality Zone

The core USP of Bitcoin Aligo is the reality zone. These games have a social background and are designed to have more flair through their economic model.

Bitcoin Aligo Cat Meme

Basically, they will allow players to make money from playing games.

“This “social background” is a fantasy-driven backstory that makes every monster a humanoid or demon type, leaving players to go on hunting quests and gather loot.

The game will feature standard resources required to survive in the game world. The loot that players gather will be useful in acquiring wearable items and gear.

However, to play this game, you will need an NFT card, which you will also need to access through a game.

Known as NFT Card’s Daejeon match, the game will be held every day at 6:00 pm, featuring random matches where players are pitted against each other to hunt and accumulate points.

You can also use these points to buy Bitcoin Aligo tokens.

Bitcoin Aligo – NFT Collection

Bitcoin Aligo NFTs come in two formats – Main Coon and a Mountain Goat.

There are a hundred in total, and they will give you access to passive earnings.

Bitcoin Aligo NFT

Similar to traditional NFTs, each NFT card has its own characteristics. These attributes are useful in the reality game, helping players accrue more points

These games aim to raise the Main Coon or Mountain Goat and use them for battle. The ambiance and the ecosystem are similar to battle games involving pets. However, here, the setting is based on wildlife, which may mean that the project includes an altruistic element, such as environmental conservation.

Through these NFTs, players gain entry to a metaverse game designed to simplify DeFi concepts, allowing users to learn about unique economic concepts within the blockchain ecosystem.

Bitcoin Aligo Airdrop is Coming, Too

The perks of Bitcoin Aligo aren’t limited to the P2E game. There are also multiple airdrops, one of which has already happened.

Aligo Coin Airdrop

It started on June 14th and lasted seven days. Participants received a 30% discount on the ICO.

June 14th also marked the start of Bitcoin Aligo’s presale event.

Bitcoin Aligo Presale Event

The Bitcoin Aligo presale event has started, with the first-stage price set to $0.0011. No details about the number of presale stages are available. However, the presale will end in 60 days, or when 200 billion tokens are sold off, whichever happens first.

Bitcoin Aligo Tokenomics

There are 400 billion tokens in total. 50% are allocated to the presale, and the remaining are distributed for mining, marketing, foundation, and partners. Partners have only 2.5% of the total supply allocated, meaning the community will have the most access to this asset.

How to Participate in the Presale

Participating in the Bitcoin Aligo presale is a simple process. The steps involved are as follows.

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Click on the “Buy Token” button.
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Select the crypto you want to use to swap for the ALG token.
  5. Enter your information and click on the “Apply” button.

Conclusion – Decentralized Finance Redefined Through Gamification

Bitcoin Aligo’s unique approach to addressing decentralized finance through gamification using Bitcoin can attract several investors. The discount price of $0.0011 serves as a good entry point, and the number of tokens and multiple stages give it the potential to increase in value by more than 10,000% once it goes live.

As more details come to light about this token, investors will know more about what this unique “meme coin” is about.

For now, we recommend keeping up with Bitcoin Aligo’s social media handles on Twitter and Telegram.

Visit the Bitcoin Aligo Website

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.