20 May 2022 · 3 min read

Bitbuy Is Serving The Hottest Deal For Bitcoin Pizza Day - Get a FREE $100 when you sign up & fund your account. T&Cs apply

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Get this deal while it’s hot! New users have 48 hours to claim their free money. Starting Sunday, May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day, as a new user it only takes two steps to get $100 in your BitBuy Account. It’s easy as pie!

Step 1.) Open an account with Bitbuy and fund it with $250.

Step 2.) Bitbuy will throw on a ‘free topping’ worth $100 for Bitcoin Pizza Day!

A little background about BitBuy—

If you haven’t heard of Bitbuy, you should definitely check them out! Bitbuy is the most trusted exchange in Canada. They’re the most trusted exchange in Canada. They store all assets in cold storage wallets offline, unlike most exchanges. Since your assets aren't hanging out online, they are safe from cyber attackers. When assets are in cold storage wallets they’re still available for you to move on or off of the exchange as you please.

Bitbuy snagged the most trusted exchange title from their commitment to compliance. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) regulates the exchange. Bitbuy is also a member of The Canadian Securities Administrators. Bitbuy is also known for the security of its exchange. Specifically, they are noted for storing assets in cold storage wallets offline. Bitbuy’s cold wallet storage feature is one that propelled them to compliant stardom. Having a title of being compliant with regulations is only one perk to using Bitbuy. The exchanges' users have peace of mind that Bitbuy is insured. Thus, as are the assets stored in the cold storage wallets that Bitbuy uses.

Bitbuy is registered and in compliance with Canada’s laws on the purchases, holding, trading, and sales of cryptocurrency, they are able to ‘cut out’ the middleman that most exchanges have to use. Transaction fees are lesser on Bitbuy compared to other exchanges. This is because of the regulatory framework that other exchanges have to bend around. This means that other exchanges use various means to complete crypto purchases, execute trades or store your assets. Since Bitbuy is 100% compliant they are able to cut these fees out of the equation. This allows them to handle all processes in-house. Thus passing savings along to you!

Want to learn more about Bitbuy’s various advantages and features? We’ve got an in-depth guide to the exchange here!

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

In 2010 there was a Florida college student who loved pizza very much. He wanted to use his BTC supply to purchase his favorite food, pizza. This was actually the first Bitcoin transaction made by a person to purchase a commercial good. BTC was worth about $.0004. The man made a post in a BTC forum stating that he’d pay upwards of 10,000 BTC for a pizza. A few days later someone saw the ad and delivered him a few Papa John's Pizzas. A few pizzas in exchange for a (now) whopping 40,000 BTC, which was worth about $40 at the time.

And so we have it, every year on this day that the first commercial purchase using BTC was made is celebrated. We have no intent to rub salt in old wounds of the man who spent $11,89,639,600 (calculated with BTC’s price today) on a few pizzas. Bitbuy is spreading the BTC (and pizza) love in the form of free money to celebrate this coveted trade holiday.

For Bitcoin Pizza Day, Bitbuy knows what we really want… Free Money!

If that introduction to Bitbuy and backstory on Bitcoin Pizza Day wasn’t appealing enough, here’s yet another reason to become a huge fan of Bitbuy. Here we have a solid exchange whose credentials are enough for anyone to want to use them. Yet, they’re not too proud to serve up well-incentivized deals. And to have a little fun in doing so by celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day. For new users, a few simple steps, i.e.; Setting up an account and adding $250 will get you an automatic $100 gift from Bitbuy. How much do we love trusted, secure exchanges that throw out the occasional amazing deal!?

As this promo is in celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day, May, 22, you only have 48 hours to catch this deal. You do not want to miss out on an opportunity for free money on a truly exceptional crypto exchange!