29 Sep 2022 · 1 min read

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today 29 September – HNT, SNX, EOS, KSM, CAKE, CRV, LRC, ERN, UNI, SOL

There are many coins and tokens that have performed well in the last 24 hours, and it seems that DeFI tokens in particular have been showing some strength, with a large degree of growth being conferred to a mixture of governance tokens such as UNI and CRV.

UNI rises as the DAO votes to create The Uniswap Foundation 

Earlier this month, token holders of UNI decided that they would vote to improve upon the ecosystem by creating the Uniswap Foundation. 

The goal of the Uniswap Foundation is to be an "independent" organization that focuses on the best ways to improve upon and develop Uniswap going forward. 

In order to create the foundation, a group of respected community members submitted a proposal to the DAO and made their case for why and how the foundation should be endowed with tokens from UNI.

Helium migrates to Solana

Both HNT and SOL were amongst the top performers today, which makes sense since they are both recently riding a wave of hype after it was announced that Helium would be moving HNT over to the Solana blockchain, along with all their services. 

They chose to do this because they believed that the Solana blockchain was more scalable than their own, and because they believe that Solana will offer them better security than their own chain. 

EOS also makes gains 

Another ecosystem that has been performing relatively well as of late is that of EOS, which has come under a lot of fire for producing nothing more than vapourware. 

Despite this, there has been a significant uptick in the price and volatility of EOS over the last 24 hours, especially when compared with the preceding week. 

PancakeSwap exploring adding Ethereum support 

Until now, the largest decentralized exchange on Binance Chain has only existed on one chain, but they are now looking at expanding their ecosystem to also cater to Ethereum, in a move that they hope will attract more liquidity for their users. 

As the cryptocurrency industry matures, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there will always be competition for more liquidity – this is one of the reasons that the CRV price has also risen since CRV directly benefits from the greater liquidity that there is in the DeFi ecosystem, as it is a project that is focused on providing yield to liquidity providers.