13 Jun 2022 · 3 min read

Best Encrypted Instant Messaging App For Android And iOS In 2022

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, private data is becoming increasingly sought after by individuals and institutions with undue motives. To protect themselves, even those with nothing to hide are looking for more private ways to communicate – private data can be weaponized against anyone, no matter how tame.

Why Privacy Is Important

Avoiding government surveillance is one of the most important reasons for practicing good privacy. In countries ruled by a tyrannical government, people who speak out against their government may have their freedoms restricted. The freedoms of employment, property ownership, travel, education, healthcare, and even open communication with others can be taken away. Without physical walls, people can be silenced, isolated, and forced to live as if they are imprisoned.

Even for those lucky enough to live in free countries, this threat persists. Private data can be stored forever, and countries have fallen to tyranny in the past (i.e. Germany). Tyrannical regimes of once free countries could reference stored data to target people based on things previously said.

Privacy is also important in the fight against corporations and unscrupulous third parties who wish to abuse private data for their own benefit. Modern data collection is much more advanced today than it was when the internet first became popular. Everything that people click, like, say, watch, and read online is used to create highly detailed profiles that are then sold to the highest bidder.

These profiles can be used to exploit peoples’ personalities and convince them to purchase products that they don’t need, change their political opinions, or alter their behaviors. These profiles can also be used to stalk, impersonate, or compromise the security of unsuspecting victims.

Lastly, everyone has said something in confidence to someone else that could be misconstrued and used to attack their reputation. Many have even held innocuous conversations that could be used as reason to threaten their or another’s safety. Discussions about identity, romantic interests, political affiliations, and other sensitive topics can be deadly in the wrong hands.

There is no end to the number of ways in which private data can be used against individuals. So long as people live under surveillance, it becomes difficult to think freely, explore ideas, be creative, and act in ways that go against societal norms. This could lead to total loss of individuality and complete conformity, something that can become dangerous if society were to head in the wrong direction. If everyone is the same, and nobody is willing to make a stand, disastrous consequences could arise.

The Best Private Messaging App

Recognizing these risks, TokLok, a Polish-based tech company headed by industry experts, has created the world’s most secure private messaging app. The TokLok messenger ensures that all conversations remain private by encrypting messages, and protecting users from anonymous contacts.

Encrypted messages and calls protect users from man-in-the-middle attacks, during which hackers insert themselves between users’ phones and spy on their conversation. Without encryption, these hackers could easily collect sensitive data about individuals from casual conversations with friends and family, like passwords, where their children go to school, and times during which their homes are empty. TokLok prevents this from happening.

Anonymous contacts are blocked using private messaging rooms. Only hosts can control who has access to their rooms, making it impossible for unwanted readers to be added. This has the added benefit of preventing strangers from sending mass-messages in hopes of scamming users or gathering private information that could be used to extort them.

TokLok is also working on a technology that is completely new to the world of secure messaging: a private peer-to-peer communication network. This network will be created using bluetooth, enabling users to send messages and make calls without the need for any other networks – no sim card, no GSM, no WiFi. This would make it impossible for users to ever be forcefully knocked offline.

TokLok only stores data that’s necessary to facilitate communications, only locally on users’ devices, and this data can be cleared. TokLok does not provide user data to any third parties, and would not be able to even if legally required to, as they do not possess such data themselves. To prove this, TokLok publishes full transparency reports. In today’s online connected world, TokLok is serious about privacy.