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Best Crypto to Buy Now June 19 – Brett, Arweave,

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read
Best Crypto to Buy Now
Best Crypto to Buy Now– Brett, Arweave, are moving the crypto markets today.

Despite Bitcoin’s recent dip below $70,000 and a $2 billion sell-off, especially from Bitcoin miners, key indicators suggest traders are still bullish.

While macroeconomic factors like slowing US economic growth and high interest rates have pressured crypto prices, resilient derivatives markets and major player actions indicate confidence in an imminent upswing.

Bitcoin whales, miners, and top derivatives traders are still slightly optimistic. On exchanges like Binance and OKX, the long-to-short ratio has risen, even as BTC fell below $68,000, indicating larger players are opening new long positions, unfazed by the price pullback.

Best Crypto to Buy Now
Exchange Derivative Data/ Coinglass

Deribit options data reveals an important shift in sentiment, with declining demand for sell options and a clear preference for buy options over the past few days.

This suggests that Bitcoin whales and market makers were well-prepared for the recent downturn, seizing the opportunity to accumulate more and buy the dip.

Best Crypto to Buy Now
Bitcoin Options Data/ Deribit

While short-term price volatility is expected, many analysts argue that Bitcoin’s daily price action still exhibits technical strengths that support a bullish narrative. Read more from our Bitcoin price prediction.

Overall, while there are some short-term uncertainties, the combination of resilient derivatives data, accumulation patterns from major players, and bullish technical cues seem to outweigh immediate price pressures, keeping traders positioned for an eventual continuation of Bitcoin’s bull rally.

On June 19, major cryptocurrencies displayed mixed signals. While ETH, DOGE, BNB, AVAX, and SHIBA experienced modest gains over 24 hours, TON, SOL, and XRP saw slight declines.

Nevertheless, here’s our roundup of strong-performing altcoins that are the best crypto to buy now.

Best Crypto to Buy Today

1. Brett (BRETT)

Brett (BRETT), the popular meme coin inspired by Matt Furie’s “Boy’s Club” comic, is one of the top-performing tokens on the Base blockchain.

As per Coinmarketcap (CMC), BRETT’s price surged nearly 17% in the last 24 hours, making it a top performer. Currently ranked #59 among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CMC, BRETT has a

market cap of $1.4 billion.

Now trading at $0.145, BRETT will be looking to surpass its all-time high (ATH) price of $0.193. The token’s remarkable momentum, driven by its loyal community and growing demand, is expected to continue.

Since it was listed for trading in early February, BRETT has exceeded expectations. The token has been up by 360% since March 19. With its current market cap, there could still be plenty of upside left to rally. Many analysts predict a price target of $1 per coin, further solidifying BRETT’s potential as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today.

2. Arweave (AR)

Arweave (AR), a leading decentralized information storage blockchain token built to dub the uniqueness of Bitcoin, including utility provision to store files and fully decentralized applications, seems ready for another leg-up

As per CMC, the token was up nearly 11% in 24 hours, making it a standout performer amid market red candles

Currently trading at $27.54, it’s set to reclaim its all-time high of $69.88, having already rebounded 53% in May 2024. With a remarkable 5542.74% growth since May 2020, AR’s momentum is expected to continue until it sets a new record high.

However, its current market cap of $1.81 billion implies there could be plenty of upside still to come before it reclaims its all-time high of $90.94 per coin. This presents a compelling opportunity for traders, making AR a prime candidate for the best crypto to buy today.

3. (FET)

The automotive AI blockchain built to support decentralized finance (DeFi) by aggregating millions of data points for on-chain projects was launched a year six months ago and has been pushing higher in recent times.

FET is currently trading at $1.35, up 18.03% in 24 hours, as per CoinMarketCap.

At press time, FET’s market capitalization has soared to a remarkable $3.4 billion, prompting speculation about whether the AI-enabled token has finally reached its ceiling ahead of its highly anticipated collaboration in July.

We expect FET to trade within the $1.7- $1.0 zone, pending the ASI formation next month.

Presales Alternatives with High Potential

Picking winners in the crypto market is notoriously difficult, with the vast majority of new tokens usually fading into obscurity fairly quickly.

Yet looking for big presales is one way to acquire a keener sense of which coins may endure over longer timeframes.

Tokens that attract substantial investment during their sales can often go on to perform well once they list.

Of course, success is never certain, but the fact that presale tokens attract strong demand is often a sign that they’ll also attract demand once they launch.

We’ve therefore gone to the trouble at Cryptonews of reviewing and picking some of the most promising presales coins available today.

Best Crypto Presales to Buy Now

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.